Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Kafia MOHAMED (Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Battery)

On Monday, December 11th, 2017, I, Officer Kim, was working uniformed patrol in marked police cruiser 787. At approximately 11:30 am, I was dispatched to Stop and Shop, located at 105 Alewife Brook Parkway, for a report of two customers fighting inside the store. Unit West 6: Officer Difava was dispatched as back up and Unit West 5: Officer Gee also responded to assist.

Upon arrival I observed a black female, known to me as Kafia Mohamed, standing near the entrance abutting Alewife Brook Parkway. Kafia was visibly upset, crying and yelling at two other females standing a few feet away. I separated Kafia and asked the other two females to wait for me inside. Kafia, still excited from the altercation, was yelling and stated that she is “sick and tired of being harassed”. After a few seconds I was able to calm her down and she then stated that she has been having an issue with a known party for quite a while. She told me about a dispute involving the same parties that occurred in October, to which I was also the responding officer. I then asked what occurred today in the store. She replied that she was standing in line at the customer service desk when she heard he name being called. When she turned around she saw XXXXX, a known party. Kafia then approached XXXXX and asked to speak with her; an argument ensued and Kafia stated that XXXXX punched her several times. Kafia denies physically striking XXXXX in any way.

I asked Kafia to remain outside with Officer Difava, while I spoke to XXXXX. Officer Gee then informed me that XXXXX told him that Kafia verbally and physically attacked her while she was in line waiting to pay for food items. I Observed XXXXX’s face and could see a slight scratch on her right cheek area. While XXXXX was being medically evaluated by Somerville Fire I spoke with XXXXX’s friend, YYYYY, who witnessed the entire altercation.

YYYYY stated that she was waiting in line with XXXXX to pay for items when they observed Kafia in line at the customer service desk. YYYYY advised XXXXX not to communicate with Kafia, because she knew a fight would ensue due to the nature of their relationship. YYYYY then stated that when Kafia saw XXXXX she approached her in an aggressive manner yelling. YYYYY stepped between XXXXX and Kafia and yelled that “She is pregnant, she is pregnant!” and not to hit her. YYYYY stated that Kafia then attacked XXXXX by punching her. YYYYY and a store employee were able to break up the fight and subdue Kafia near the customer service desk. However, Kafia remained belligerent and disorderly.

I next spoke with XXXXX in the back of a Cataldo Ambulance, where she was waiting to be transported. XXXXX stated that she was waiting in line to pay for items when she observed Kafia at the customer service desk. She noticed that Kafia was video recording her by cell phone and told her to stop. Kafia replied that she could record whoever she wanted. Kafia then aggressively approach the two women and attacked XXXXX, while YYYYY was in between trying to defend XXXXX. XXXXX stated that Kafia punched her in the head and stomach; and also scratched her face. XXXXX was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital to be evaluated.

I then spoke to two employees who witnessed the fight. I interviewed each witness separately. I first spoke with ZZZZZ, who stated that he heard screaming and came running to see what was going on. He then stated that he observed Kafia yelling and punching XXXXX, with YYYYY between the two parties trying to defend XXXXX. ZZZZZ and another employee were able to break up the fight, and call 911. ZZZZZ stated that it seemed as if Kafia was the primary aggressor. Next, I spoke with AAAAA, another employee, who stated a similar story. She stated that after the fight had been broken up, Kafia remained “belligerently out of control.”

Based on the above facts I placed Kafia under arrest for aggravated assault and battery, and handcuffed her. Kafia complied and was taken into custody without incident.  She was transported to the station by Unit 200 Officer Haley and processed by Lieutenant Rymill. Kafia is being charged with:

M.G.L Aggravated Assault and Battery (Pregnant Women).

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Eli Kim

Badge #307

Somerville Police Department

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