Cobble Hill Elders Enjoy Breakfast With Santa At Somerville Holiday Inn

By Martin Polignone

This past week, the Bunker Hill Holiday Inn treated their elderly neighbors at the Cobble Hill Apartments to a breakfast with Santa complete with Christmas music and gifts.” They are always doing something nice for us” remarked one elder, as earlier this year they treated us to an ice cream truck visit on a hot summer day, and an all you could eat pizza and movie night as well”. ” This is the Somerville we grew up in” remarked another elder, ” As local business people cared about making the neighborhood and community the best it could be.

Santa also attended the joyful event while spreading Christmas cheer and proving that you’re never too old to sit on Santa’s lap.

Everyone was very grateful to general manager Jim Harvey and his awesome staff for putting on such a great event and bringing the Christmas cheer to all!

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