Letter from the Editor:Were You Charged an Illegal Entrance Fee to Get a Job On The City, Fire or Police Department?

If your a firefighter, police officer or city employee that has been extorted by an elected official or a city department head to pay an illegal entrance fee to get a job on the Fire or police department or a position with the city please give us a call.

Join the many people that are already coming forward with their story and end this corruption once and for all by exposing these thugs.

Even if your being forced to cough up hefty donations to keep your position give us a call!

We will talk with you about the many options that are being made available and receiving immunity as well as a possible refund of your hard earned dollars that was improperly taken from you.

Call Billy T at (617)293-2016 or email:Wmtauro@aol.com

All calls will remain strictly confidential!

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