Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Filsdym MODAN (ADW, Trespass, A&B; Somerville warrant)

“Report entered by SPD Personal based upon report by SHA (LC)”

The following is a brief summary of facts pertaining to incident #17066492.

While on patrol of the Mystic River development in my unmarked police vehicle on 10/30/2017 I was dispatched to 20C Memorial Rd approximately 6:50pm.

I was already in the area dealing with another incident at XX Memorial Road with SPD Units E-1 and E-4. We all entered the hallway of XX Memorial Road to hear loud arguing going on in the second floor hallway. I immediately looked up to the second floor hallway and saw a black male known to me as Filsdyn Modan (DOB 04/30/96 item in his right hand at another Black male while saying “come on”. I have personal knowledge that Mr. Modan has a Trespass SHA owned properties for several past crimes.

Mr. Modan turned away upon seeing us and he placed the item in his pants pocket. Fearing this item may be a knife we placed Mr. Modan into handcuffs for our safety as well as his till we were able to determine. The item turned out to be a green colored pen that he was using to assault the victim with. Now separated I began to speak to the victim now known to me as XXXXX of XX Memorial Road witness/his wife XXXXX 1 SAME ADD, XXXXXXXXX (CREOLLE SPEAKING ONLY).

XXXXX stated that he was entering the building when he first saw the suspect-Modan in the hallway. He states that Rat huh. XXXXX said that he asked Modan if he lived in the building (knowing that he does not) and Modan said “what are you XXXXX says that when he was attempting to take a picture of Modan with his cell phone to show us, the police, at a enraged and charged at XXXXX and punched him in the face/mouth knocking out his front tooth.

Mr. Modan continued swinging his fists striking XXXXX several times about the face and head. Mr. Modan had a small cut on his left check from XXXXX defending himself in the assault and battery by Modan. Both parties refused any medical assistance. After the physical assault by Modan, XXXXX stated that Modan went over to his friends apartment that he had come occupants inside to “get me my knife I am gonna show him who I am” but no one opened the door, it is at that point when XXXXX and he pulled out the pen from his pocket and waved it at XXXXX in a stabbing type motion coming only inches It was at this point we arrived and I saw the pen in Modans extended hand pointed at XXXXX in a threatening type of Mr. Fisdyn Modan DOB XXXXX was taken into custody/arrested for an outstanding warrant and charged with the following:

1-Assault with a Dangerous Weapon to wit a PEN 265 S15A/B

2-Assault and Battery 265 S 13A/B

3-Trespassing 266 S120.

He was transported to the Somerville Police station where he was booked in the usual manner.

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