Former Somerville Preliminary Mayoral Candidate Backs Payton Corbett For Mayor

Last night I received this very encouraging message from my preliminary opponent, Kenneth Van Buskirk:

“You did really well in the Preliminary and I think that you are a great candidate for Mayor. The hopes of all of us Somervillians who want change up at City Hall rest on you. You have my full support in the General Election.” -Ken Van Buskirk

Ken and I represent the 42% of Somerville residents who voted for change in last week’s preliminary election. We know there are many more of you out there, you just have to get to the polls in November. That’s why it’s so important to talk with your friends, family, and neighbors and make sure everyone votes on Tuesday, November 7th.


End the unfair hiring practices and cronyism at City Hall.

Fight for more affordable housing for middle and lower income families, by raising the inclusionary housing percentage to 25% on large projects and pushing for Tenant Right of First Refusal.

Shift tax burdens from working families and seniors and make the billion dollar institutions in this city pay their fair share.

Support our city’s youth sports groups and prioritize field use for Somerville youth.

Push developers to negotiate Community Benefit Agreements, which will provide good local jobs and training, as well as give residents a seat at the table.

Settle contracts with our city’s hard working municipal employees.

And so much more…

We may not agree on everything, but we can all agree that JOE HAS GOT TO GO!

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