The Time To Drain The Swamp In Somerville Is Now!

By William Tauro 

This election will be very interesting in Somerville and hopefully Mayor Curtatone will receive just like Hillary did during her recent election in the 11th hour, a James Comey type of surprise by a Federal official or two or three dropping a bombshell in the form of criminal indictments on the mayor and his posse! Yeah got a love it and a long time overdue!

How much more can the people of Somerville endure with this administration with these political hacks taking care of each other on their own financial gain and not doing the right thing for the people of Somerville? 

Sometimes you got to draw the line and say enough is enough. 

In these final countdown days and weeks with the primary coming up thisTuesday September 19th and the general election in November, it’s up to the good people of Somerville to tell their friends, neighbors, relatives, strangers etc, etc vote ABC “Anybody But Curtatone!”
Please feel free to share this to help to finally “Drain The Swamp and get these selfserving freeloading people out of power!”

3 thoughts on “The Time To Drain The Swamp In Somerville Is Now!”

  1. Stan Koty fired me cause I Got hurt on the job I told him he couldn’t fire me cause I’m on comp. he said I could do what ever I want, well Stan i guess you can’t Time to ride out of Somerville with your posse

  2. Good old Fat,sleazy Stan is very very close to the Director of Civil Service. Illegal promotions like the mayors henchman down at 220 Washington, Rehiring dirty cops like the thug mayor’s drug dealing cousin Alex Oxi Bianco. NO PROBLEMO
    Fat Stan has bag job Bowman on speed dial………………

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