Mayor Joe Curtatone on Sanctuary City Ice Raids

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By Joe Curtatone 

There are those who would force us to adopt cruel, nonsensical, failed policing policies. They want us to tear families apart and heighten tension for people all across our city. I didn’t get into government to treat people like dirt and I’m not going to start now. I have been a mayor for everyone in Somerville and I will continue to be a mayor for everyone in Somerville, and I don’t need to see your papers to show you human dignity.
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4 thoughts on “Mayor Joe Curtatone on Sanctuary City Ice Raids”

  1. Idont knkw but he shoukd hiee the cole aka family nember he put back on the forrce after getti g caught selking oc’s to highlanders from the parking lot in uniform. So he was getting triple pay the drug dealing the detail and again when he got hired back. Since tjem manyvhave died many more are still addictes and or ding and we have an epidemic . So thanks forner mayor but ur outta here no pr is bringing tou back . I could however but wouldnt rather fight those u do hire so bri g it

  2. Curtatone has treated many people like dirt. His monstrous PR machine hides a lot from the people. In due time all will come out. He is the biggest phony around.

    He doesn’t treat people like dirt? I can think of an incident early in his tenure. He threatened to bury the then Chief of Police, George McLean. He said “You want to —- with me? I’ll bury you!” All Chief McLean wanted to do was run the Department in the way he saw fit. George was a good cop and a very good Police Chief.

    We all know how it ended. Now Curtatone controls the police and has taken the Chief of Police out of service(even though he was an ardent defender of Civil Service when he was an Alderman).

    The latest rumor I have heard is that Curtatone and a former alderman are looking to get into the Marijuana Retail Business now that sales will be legal. Is that true?

  3. This damn mayor aught to be locked up for aiding criminals, its against the law.

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