LETTER IN TODAY’S MAIL ABOUT ELECTRICITY by Somerville Alderman-at-Large Bill White

I have already gotten a number of phone calls and emails about the letter that Somerville residents received today from Dynergy with the City of Somerville Emblem. The letter is legitimate. Briefly, the City of Somerville is taking advantage of a state program that allows the City to enter into a contract with an energy supplier at a rate that is less than the rate currently charged by NSTAR. The default rate from the City supplier will include a 5% Green Energy source. People can also opt into a 100% Green Energy source, or no Green Energy source. Also, people can opt out completely and stay with NSTAR or another supplier. These options all require a person to contact the supplier and you can opt out by sending the enclosed notice to the supplier. The Board was only notified of this about 12 days before mailing via an email and Ald. Katjana Ballantyne put in an order at the last Board meeting to have the Board updated. Because there did not appear to be any mass outreach to the public, I think this letter hit most of the public by surprise. As a result, I am following up on Ald. Ballantyne’s order to ask that the appropriate people appear before the Board at our next meeting to address this further as that meeting will be televised.

7 thoughts on “LETTER IN TODAY’S MAIL ABOUT ELECTRICITY by Somerville Alderman-at-Large Bill White”

  1. I am all for having the option to increase renewable energy utilization and even pay a little more for it… What I can’t tolerate is having the city give me a job to do in opting-out. I already have a job and it doesn’t involve doing your paperwork. At a minimum the included card would have pre-printed my name and account info so I could just check yes or no. Until Somerville has a little more respect for my time and presenting honest options I will be opting out.

  2. the city has no right to touch our electric accounts. Keep your hands off mine.

  3. Shame on our Mayor for letting DYNERGY present this to us in this way. We should have the option to OPT IN. NOT OPT OUT! All wrong, city has no right telling us what to do! This, I’m sure with confuse a lot of Senior Citizens.

  4. Should not have to “Opt Out” of something I didn’t ask for in the first place. This practice should be illegal.

  5. Then we received another letter from Washington DC . Trying to confuse the citizens of Somerville.

  6. this was handled all wrong. Instead of us having to say we want it we have to send a message that we don’t want it or we will get it wheather we want it or not.

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