Letter to the Editor: Somerville Police Officer Slips and Falls on Ice in SPD Parking Lot


I have read many posts and comments here on this news site regarding abuse and neglect at the Somerville Police Department so I had to include this letter to the editor. 
During a recent ice storm, a Somerville Police officer going from the station to the upper parking lot area at the police station to get into his cruiser took a serious fall. 


The parking area was very icy and treacherously, a slippery condition because of the lot was left untreated, not salted nor plowed.  
The police officer that took that nasty fall and even broke us upper denture plate during his spill, still got into his cruiser, went to work and did his job. Maybe if some of the upper brass looked at the video surveillance of the property they would see the whole incident as it unfolded. 
To date this officer surprisingly didn’t file a claim nor has he gone out on injury with the city because he’s a dedicated veteran officer who continues to do his job still today. 
To plow and deice the police department parking lot, especially where the public has access to enter the station should be top priority and taken care as soon as the condition arises and it should be plowed, salted and sanded and made safe for everyone. 
It shouldn’t have come to this point where a police officer or any human being has to endanger their lives risking a slip and fall that could break someone’s back or snap something because access to the station was neglected. 
Come on now is this the way it should be? I don’t think so! Lets get with the program!
A concerned citizen

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