Charlene Harris, A Remarkable Somerville Legend Passes

By Anthony John Boyd Jr.
Charlene Harris was 57 years old when she died and she was also very well known and well respected all around Somerville.

Charlene worked at the Somerville High School with her students where she was just about everybody’s favorite person and mentor.

“She was the best mother anyone could have ever asked for” said Sara Harris, Charlene’s daughter .

Sara said that “I always thought that she was hard on me and around all the time.” “So as a kid growing up I thought it was annoying, but as I grew older I realized that she pushed me to make me the amazing person that I am today.”

Sara also said “Charlene would always go to all my events even if I did bad or good, she would still be there supporting me 100%.”
“Mothers day 2016 was one of the best times with mom” Sara said. “Most recently I surprised her with a trip to New York to go see her favorite broadway musical Wicked.”

Sara said “They had gotten a behind the scenes tour and they both got to meet people who were actually in the play.”
“I wish she could be here for my wedding day and also be there to help me pick out everything including my wedding dress shopping,” said Sara.

Alana Harris said. “She was my grandma or as all of us called her Nanny,”

Alana she “I always thought of her as someone that I could look up to, someone I could turn to if I needed anything and most importantly someone I could laugh with over the weirdest/silliest things.”

Alana also said that “Her favorite moment with her Nanny was when she went walking around Somerville together and they talked and laughed and every time they would go by a certain flower that her nanny liked, Charlene would take a picture of Alana with the flower.”

Alana said “Another one of the things I that I loved to do with Nanny was just to sit down and talk and watch the Wizard of Oz with her.”

Andrea said “She was a great mentor to many kids in Somerville.” “She was always willing to go extra miles for us and she noted that her Nanny enjoyed going to a Fleet Wood Mac concert (one of her favorite bands) with her.”

Charlene Harris was a great woman and a great mentor to many here in Somerville and may she rest in peace.

Charlene Harris,November 29 1959-March 24 2017


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