Letter to the Editor:”Mom, Doesn’t Everyone Deserve To Work in a Safe & Healthy Workplace? Even If That Workplace is a Car?”

This past Sunday I read a posting of a story written by Somerville News Weekly’s William Tauro on his Facebook page that on Saturday he was attending a police officer’s father’s funeral and he had encountered a Somerville policeman standing outside of his police cruiser. It was a cold and rainy day. William asked “why aren’t you in your cruiser staying warm and dry ?” The policeman said ” it is warmer outside than in my cruiser” After a discussion with this policeman it was learned that this police cruiser’s heat had not been fixed for 2 months, even after 2 request were made to the powers that be.

I found this upsetting. I read this story to my 14 year old son, just to find out how he felt about it. After I finished reading the story my son looked at me and said “Mom “Doesn’t everyone deserve to work in a safe and healthy workplace? Even if that workplace is a car?”
He is right. Why don’t others feel the same?

Meredith and her 14 year old son Peter Mccallion. 

Read William Tauro’s original posting below :

It’s bad enough that I attended a funeral on Saturday and I witnessed with my own eyes a Somerville police officer standing outside in the pouring cold rain telling me that it’s more warmer outside his cruiser then inside the vehicle because the heat wasn’t working in the cruiser the poor guy was frostbitten WTF whoever is in charge of our police vehicles bring it to a dealer and stop patching it up delaying the process. I also found out that the heat hasn’t been working for over two months with three request to fix it?? Hello out there what’s up with that?

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:”Mom, Doesn’t Everyone Deserve To Work in a Safe & Healthy Workplace? Even If That Workplace is a Car?””

  1. TaKevin that story to your computer worker there up one the hill….isn’t that where Curatone figured 6 million dollars in federal assistance or heat for other so city works beside me ” him saying to himself is how it all went down. Now let’sget something in motion. A petition around the entire city if u live here pay the over the moon taxes u too will sign once you realize that it’s nothe people hating illegal immigrants. I love the whole human race but as an American regardless of party be AN AMERICAN ur father once he knew all the info would be proud of. Illegals are here to stay . Agree or disagree it is what it is. But 6 million is gone .thanks to Joe and all you misinformed propaganda tools. Smarten up

    1. See that what I’m talking about . I too love and respect all people . Respect although needs to be earned and hints going on Fox News where they ripped him a new one (obviously they are a huge Trump supporter )
      So he hadoesn’t to have know that they weren’t going to be congratulating him on this. He gave answers such as ” The undocumented Immigrants in Somerville are nothe criminals ” . So hey people want a better life do what the generations before us did at least most of us and came here legally had families and worked hard . As a first generation I couldn’t picture my parents coming here undocumented. But they also had some self respect whereas the illegal immigrants in Somerville don’t. They will work for practically nothing. They won’t complain that the boss doesn’t give them insurance …..because they won’t pay that bill nor there taxes so thalose two alone American Born Citizens would be doing time. Not them they get fake social security numbers fake everything .beleive me …..my interpretation dusty has been over taken by them but it won’t be untill nurses all teachers and so on and so forth are not getting hired because someone will do it for a third if the price . It will happen …..but wafter must be swam slowly so that we don’t drown. And to anyone that Hires someone under the table that’s illegal . The funny thing is Joe does so …..There u have it . So Joe identify thrives? Peolw committing tax fraud and DRUG DEALERS are criminals who happen to be illegally undocumented.

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