Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Matthew POWERS (Receive Stolen Property, Fugitive from Justice)

The following is a summary of events that occurred while I was in full uniform operating marked unit 787.

At 4:15 P.M., I was dispatched to the Dunkin Donuts, located at 379 Alewife Brook Parkway, for a report of a man who took tips out of the tip jar and left the store.


While en route, Somerville Dispatch advised me over the radio that the suspect was a white male, wearing a white baseball hat, light colored sweatshirt with a black jacket in his hand and a backpack over his shoulder. I was advised that he was walking on Alewife Brook Parkway towards the Dilboy pool. As I made my way to Alewife from Powderhouse BLVD, I observed a white male, wearing a white baseball hat, with a gray sweatshirt under a black jacket, and a backpack, walking on Alewife Brook Parkway. I notified Dispatch of my location and stopped to have a conversation with this individual. He was identified as Mr. Mathew J. Powers. Upon entering his information into CJIS, I was informed that Mr. Mathew J. Powers had an active arrest warrant (OCA 17-36-WA) out of New Hampshire.


Once I had verified this information, I explained this to Mr. Powers that he was going to be placed under arrest. He was being very cooperative and asked if he could gather money from his bag in the event bail was posted, I agreed. While he was going through his bag, a female driver’s license fell out on to the ground. The license belonged to an XXXXX of Maine. Once Mr. Powers was happy with the money he gathered, he was placed in handcuffs and we waited for the prisoner transport vehicle. Mr. Powers was transported back to Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200.


I entered the name XXXXX into CJIS and found that XXXXX had an address on Powderhouse BLVD. I went to this address in an attempt to speak with XXXXX, but I was notified by a boyfriend that she was not home. I gave the boyfriend XXXXX’s licenses along with my card to have XXXXX contact me when she returns home. I asked her boyfriend if XXXXX had a vehicle and he pointed to a small SUV in front of the home. We both walked over the vehicle and noticed that the door was slightly ajar and appeared as if someone had been searching through the vehicle. The glove box also appeared as if it had been ripped open and it looked as if it was off its hinges. Due to these circumstances I believe that Mr. Powers was in possession of stolen item(s), XXXXX’s driver’s license.


During the booking process, I did an inventory search of Mr. Powers’ backpack. Inside the backpack, I located two checkbooks and a Discover credit card that did not belong to Mr. Powers.


I will be charging Mr. Mathew Powers with the following:


276/20A – Fugitive from justice on court warrant

266/60/B – Receiving stolen property -$250 ( X3)

266/37B/K – Receiving stolen Credit Card


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Joseph Moreira

Somerville Police Department

Patrolman #320


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