Somerville Police Warn Residents of IRS Scams

The Somerville Police Department is receiving numerous reports from residents regarding IRS Phone Scams. The calls indicate that there is a “lawsuit filed against you”, and leaves a message for a return phone call number. Please do not call this number. Don’t answer unknown phone numbers, since these might be robocalls. Do not speak or touch any buttons during the call, since this might enable more calls in the future. Lastly, report this incident to the IRS. Follow the link below provided by the IRS for more information.
Report all unsolicited email claiming to be from the IRS or an IRS-related function to
If you’ve experienced any monetary losses due to an IRS-related incident, please report it to the Treasury Inspector General Administration (TIGTA) 

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through their Complaint Assistant to make the information available to investigators:
You are not the only one receiving these Robocalls, please help spread the word this tax season. Share the important information about IRS Scams with your family, friends and elderly neighbors.

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