Letter to the Editor:Re: Somerville Topic of the Week – OH, NO!

March 1, 2017 

The Somervile News Weekly

Somerville, MA


Dear Mr.Tauro & Somerville News:


The Somerville News Weekly, as a newspaper, would be considered the media enemy by the present administration. Why would Somerville want Presdent Trump here?


Am I dreaming? The president in Somerville? Oh, No, No No!


This man who would catch any illegal foreigners in Somerville, tossing them back to their original countries? The man who would separate families? Oh, No!


The man who changes his words as often as he speaks or Tweets? Oh, No!


A boy-king who would bring into his cabinet faulty billionaires who have little knowledge of foreign policy, not knowing whether or not to add another war to the list?


We just don’t want him. And we feel that few Villens or poiticians would want him here during our 175th Anniversary of a wonderful town.


Quoting from the Boston Globe,”40 days of Trump,” February 28, in a recent article by Richard North Patterson:


“Each day evokes the CAT scan of a disordered brain, encasing President Trump’s psyche in an endless hall of mirrors. And now his maladies are ours.


“Grandiosity. Lies. Impulsiveness. Anger. Unreasoning defensiveness. Consuming self-involvement. Craving for admiration. Lack of empathy. An inability to distinguish reality from his own needs. So striking is his behavior that numerous mental health professionals publicly opined that Trump’s mental state ‘makes him incapable of serving safely as president.’ “


By the way, he has been written about in the Globe as the “Flat-Earth President!”





Carol Rae Bradford, M.Ed., Author

Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143-1947

5 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Re: Somerville Topic of the Week – OH, NO!”

  1. They plan on separating families at the border of Mexico. They are also legal immigrants. Also they’d like a Registry for Muslims!
    Sounds like WWII Germany. Carol Rae Bradford

    1. Well just maybe if whoever had these anchor babies thought about that before the tried to settle here ILLEGALLY they would not have a problem now.

  2. If they break the law and are here illegally they should be arrested and deported. This country is way too liberal, I’m not against people coming here from foreign countries, just go about it the proper and LEGAL way. This is one of the reasons I left Somerville, too many illegals, especially in East Somerville

    1. I agree with you Steve. I was born & raise in the Ville , I lived there for 46 years & I work in Somerville. I have never seen a great city go downhill so fast since this asshat mayor has been in office, All I see him do is stand up for Illegals and promise them their safety. (Somerville has not been a sanctuary city since 1989) What about the American Citizens that made this city what it use to be. Do their lives matter? He is the real problem with city.

  3. I think you should speak for yourself. And like you stated,ILLEGAL FOREIGNERS.. which part of Illegal do you liberals do not understand? I would like see President Trump here in the Ville .

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