Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Franklin ARGUETA (Poss. Class C, Conspiracy, PWID Class D) & Felipe LEAO (PWID Class D, Conspiracy)

The following is a brief summary to incident #17007334.

  Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit have been conducting an ongoing investigation involving the above named defendants Franklin Argueta / Felipe Leao and their Marijuana Distribution operation.


The following are some of the most recent Somerville Police Interactions with Argueta / Leao :


On 06/01/2016 (incident #16031995) Argueta was arrested by the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit for Distributing Marijuana along with several other narcotic related offenses, where he later pled guilty to all charges.


On 12/28/2016 (incident #16081188) Argueta and Leao were both observed by the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit in a illegal Marijuana transaction, where a criminal complaint against both Argueta and Leao was later filed.


On 01/16/2017 (incident #17003075) Officer Lorenti conducted a Motor vehicle stop of Leao’s vehicle for a motor vehicle infraction. During that stop, 34 grams of marijuana were later confiscated from the vehicle. Sitting in the front passenger seat of the vehicle during that stop was Franklin Argueta. Officer Lorenti who is also aware of Argueta / Leao illegal marijuana distribution operation pulled Leao aside and began to investigate where and who is their marijuana supplier as they are mid level dealers. Leao shortly then advised Officer Lorenti that they pick up their supply of marijuana in East Boston. Leao at that time was issued a citation and was sent on his way along with Argueta.


  On 02/04/2017, Detective’s Cicerone, and I were working in an undercover capacity assigned to the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit. At approximately 1:30pm, we initiated surveillance of XX Temple Street as we observed Leao in his vehicle (2012 Grey Honda Accord) parked in the driveway. Shortly after we observed Argueta exit the residence of XX Temple Street and enter Leao’s vehicle where they began to drive down Temple Street toward Mystic Ave. At this point I along with Detective Cicerone began to conduct a rolling surveillance of the vehicle. The vehicle then took a right on Mystic Ave, where it ended up traveling to 50 Middlesex Ave (Public Storage/ Style Cafe) where both parties entered the storage unit and the cafe.


  Shortly after observations were made of Argueta / Leao exit the cafe and enter vehicle as it ended up driving onto 93 South. The vehicle ending up traveling to East Boston where it parked on the corner of Mcclellan Hwy and Byron Street at 2:18 pm. At this time Detective Cicerone and I parked in the area and maintained surveillance of Leao’s vehicle.


  At 2:27 pm, observations were made by me of a black Audi A4 drive onto Mcclellan Hwy off of Byron Street, where it parked right behind Leao’s vehicle. shortly after observations were made of Leao exiting his vehicle were he entered the passenger side of the Audi. About two minutes later observations were made of Leao exiting the Audi with a black bag where he then walked to his car and placed it in the trunk of his vehicle. The Audi then began to drive away as Leao also began to drive away.


  Based on my training and experience along with the information passed to me by Officer Lorenti of where Argueta / Leao pick up their supply of Marijuana and my observations of the quick meet of Leao and the operator of the Audi to be consistent with that of a street level drug transaction.


At this time we began to follow Argueta / Leao as they began to drive away. After stopping at XXX Border Road in East Boston and entering a store called Expressions for a approximately 5 Minutes, both Argueta / Leao returned to the vehicle as it then began to drive back into the direction of the City Of Somerville. As we approached Mystic Ave in the City Of Somerville, I notified Somerville control that I needed a marked Police Cruiser to conduct a Motor vehicle stop.


  Shortly after with the assistance of marked unit East 4 (Officer Moreira), we conducted a stop of the vehicle at 121 Temple Street. At this time, I along with Detective Cicerone with our Police badges prominently displayed on the exterior of our clothing approached Argueta / Leao, to conduct a threshold inquiry to further investigate their activity. When I approached Leao, I asked him where he was coming from. Leao stated that he just went to East Boston to pick up his friend Argueta and then returned to Somerville. I then asked him again where he came from. Leao gave the same answer. I then asked Leao if they stopped anywhere or if they met up with anyone prior to being stopped. Leao advised me that he stopped at restaurant named Pollo Campero in East Boston and a shoe store in the plaza.


  Based on our observations, Leao’s untruthful responses to my questions, and the ongoing investigation, I had Leao and Argueta exit the car and placed the both of them in handcuffs for officer safety. I then opened the trunk of the vehicle, where I found the black bag that Leao picked up from the Audi in East Boston. Inside that bag I found three (3) one pound (approximate weight), clear vacuum sealed bags containing a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana. Also in the vehicle I located a digital weigh scale. At this point I advised Argueta and Leao that they were under arrest. Argueta and Leao were then transported Via marked unit 200 (Ofc Dottin) to Somerville Police Department Headquarters for booking and processing. Leao’s Vehicle was towed back to the station for a more thorough search. After the search the vehicle went to the Pats Tow Yard.


  I would note that the amount Marijuana found is consistent with someone who will possess with the intent to distribute them. Two cell phones along with $2354 in cash were also taken into evidence and will be seized for forfeiture proceedings.


Respectfully submitted,


Detective Jason Costa #301


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  1. What I admire most, unlike other publications, The Somerville News Weekly publishes actual police reports in full detail.

    God bless the Somerville Police Department for their service, and hats off to The Somerville News Weekly for keeping the public informed.

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