Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Fedley Frederick (Possession or Use of Counterfeit Receipts) to Steal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

On Friday, February 3, 2017, while assigned to marked unit East-1, I was dispatched to Stop & Shop, located at 775 McGrath Highway, for the report of a suspicious person stopped by Loss Prevention. Marked unit East-4 and street supervisor, Sgt. Kennelly, also responded.


Upon arrival, I met with the Loss Prevention officer, XXXXX. According to XXXXX, the defendant, Fedley Frederic, came into Stop & Shop, sometime between Thursday, February 2, and Friday morning, grabbed one bottle of Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing & Marinating, valued at $22.99, and one bottle of Filippo Berio Olive Oil Sauteing & Grilling, valued at $23.49, placed them in a shopping bag, hid them underneath a table in the Floral Department, then left the store. Frederic returned to Stop & Shop Friday afternoon and began to look for the bottles under the floral table. XXXXX observed Frederic doing this on camera.


Frederic then grabbed flowers from the Floral Department and proceeded to the Customer Service desk and tried to return the flowers. When asked for a receipt, Frederic claimed it was scanned onto his laptop. XXXXX then confronted Frederic and asked him for identification due to the fact he was trying to make a return for a refund. When XXXXX asked for a receipt, he again claimed the receipt was on his laptop and that his ID was in his vehicle. XXXXX followed Frederic to his vehicle to obtain his ID. When Frederic handed XXXXX a Massachusetts ID, XXXXX called us because he noticed Frederic had driven to the store and did not have a valid driver’s license on him. Frederic was also in a U-Haul van which he did not have the proper documentation for.


When I asked Frederic for the rental agreement, he claimed he did not have one because his step-mother had originally rented the van and transferred it to him over the phone so there were no documents. XXXXX also claims that on January 29, 2017, at 09:36PM, Frederic returned two bottles of the same olive oil mentioned above and received a refund of $46.48. After Frederic left, it was discovered that the receipt was fraudulent. On the front of the receipt, the store number is listed as #498, which is the McGrath Highway location. However, on the back of the receipt, the security identifier shows that the receipt paper itself belong to store #412, the Brigham Circle store. Each store has its own receipt paper assigned to it. Frederic must have scanned the original purchase receipt from store #498, and printed it on receipt paper from store #412. This is how XXXXX was able to identify the receipt being fraudulent.


Due to XXXXX’s claims, I placed Frederic under arrest for Aggravated Shoplifting, Type 2: Return Receipt (c.266/30C). Frederic was handcuffed and informed that he was now under arrest for the above mentioned charge. Due to Frederic not being able to produce the proper documentation to prove he was in legal possession of the van, I searched the vehicle to find the rental agreement. On the driver’s seat, I observed a laptop which was the laptop Frederic claimed he had his receipts saved on because he “did not like clutter.” I then observed a duffel bag in the back of the van, along with a white printer, and two cans of the same olive oil Frederic “returned” on January 29.


When I peered into the duffel bag, I observed three rolls of receipt paper, each belonging to a different Stop & Shop. One belonged to the Somerville location (#498), the Quincy location (#17), and the Brigham Circle location (#412). The receipt paper was confiscated for evidence, and the laptop and printer were taken for safekeeping.


I did call U-Haul and confirm that Frederic was the renter, however, that he was in possession of the van past his rental agreement date. U-Haul did not report the van stolen yet. At the time of this report, U-Haul is sending an employee to the Somerville Police Department to retrieve the key to the van so that they can recover their van from the Stop & Shop parking lot.





Respectfully submitted,






Officer Ashley Catatao #299


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