Reality Bites by James Norton:Today is a Great Day for This Country

Anyone who expresses disgust and dissension on this very day demonstrates their ignorance for all to see. Anyone who didn’t take the time to learn the truth about the issues, anyone who didn’t bother to vote, anyone who didn’t bother to have some vested interest in the future of this country has absolutely no right to complain about a damned thing. It is shameful to those of us who believe in the process, who have taken the time to be informed on a level playing field with others of similar ilk for people to proudly display their ignorance and consider a badge of honor, especially on this day. You are no rebel, as you don’t have any skin in the game, so stop pretending you do. Embrace change, make your opinions known, take the time to vote and let you voice be heard. That is a patriot, not a poser.

12 months ago when I wrote my column in The Somerville News Weekly stating why I believed Donald Trump would be an excellent choice as the next President, many thought I was nuts. I got threats you wouldn’t believe. I had a hate page on Facebook. There were people who thought I was out of touch with reality.

Those people were wrong. I wasn’t alone. People forget how popular Ross Perot was back 25 years ago – a man, who similar to Trump, spoke his mind and touched the average every day man and woman, especially those frustrated folks in the middle class and in middle America.

I took this picture a little over a week later, as I sat less than 20 feet from the man, next to my friends Billy and Al. I personally witnessed how the media twisted and fabricated things that happen at his rallies. I knew, that day, that if Trump pushed back hard enough against the mainstream media, he would get his message out – to the people – through his rallies and his messages on social media platforms.

Today I am proud to be an American. I want to see this country prosper and flourish and not be so reliant on other countries – globalist thinking will not ever be a benefit to this country and we do not have to be the world’s protector, benefactor and savior – without being all of those things for ourselves first and foremost. I am glad I wrote that column, I am pleased that Trump won, I am very optimistic that this country will be great again.

Do yourselves a favor, and look at this moment in time with optimism, hope and faith in what the future will bring.

One thought on “Reality Bites by James Norton:Today is a Great Day for This Country”

  1. I choose to ignore the absolutely terrible writing (You get paid for this? You graduated high school English class?!). But please, clarify the following:
    – How do I not have any ‘skin in the game’?
    – How are we ‘reliant on other countries’?
    – What are ‘the issues’ that I didn’t learn about?
    – How exactly did Trump circumvent (for those who have difficulties with polysyllabic words, this means ‘to get around’) the traditional media? What are the stats on his social media engagement?
    – Please name exactly one policy, with any amount of detail, of Trumps that will benefit the middle class.

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