Escaped RI Prison Inmate /Bank Robber in Custody Captured in Somerville 

By William Tauro 

Suspected bank robber James Morales after a daylong search was apprehended on Wheatland Street in Somerville at around 3:45 PM Thursday afternoon. 

Morales first attempted to rob the Bank of America that’s located in Cambridge then after the failed attempt he lead police into a daylong search. 

Somerville Police Detective Derrick Dottin spotted Morales after his second attempt to rob a second bank this time in Somerville, the Citizens Bank that’s located on Broadway which then started a widespread pursuit through the city of Somerville where he was apprehended and placed into police custody. 

Photo:State Trooper Joseph Merrick

Photo: Detective Derrick Dottin

Photo:Detective Kilsarys Leguisamon

Somerville Police Department and Massachusetts State Troopers worked together yesterday afternoon to capture escapee James Morales in Somerville, MA. State Trooper Joseph Merrick and our Detectives Derrick Dottin and Kilsarys Leguisamon caught the suspect on foot after two failed robberies the very same day. Both Detectives Dottin and Leguisamon were on their way to a wake for a fellow police officer when they joined State Trooper Merrick and called into dispatch to confirm they were in pursuit of James Morales. Detectives Dottin and Leguisamon are happy to say, “This guy is off the streets and in custody.” A Job well done.


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