Medical Marijuana Dispensary Coming to East Somerville

By William Tauro 


As a mother of five (5) children, two (2) now deceased, Jayne Vining never imagined she would be in the medical marijuana business. In fact, there was some initial apprehension until she took the time to educate herself on the many benefits provided to patients after the passing of the Humanitarian Act for the Use of Medical Marijuana. Having afforded herself that education, Jayne Vining is now proudly delving into the medical marijuana business. She will make no apologies for it as she proudly honors her deceased son, Marc, and daughter, Julie, through her Foundation.


Sometimes life deals you an unimaginable hand. You can either grieve and continue to move on with your life as best you can or you can share those experiences while giving back to others on what you have learned during the grief process and life experience through community efforts. Jayne Vining has elected to take her grief and give back.,
The CAS Foundation was formed by Jayne Vining in memory of her son, Marc, who died suddenly from a cardiac abnormality. Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes (CAS) takes the lives of six hundred (600) young people in the United States each month; twenty (20) children a day. These are pre-existing, but undetected, heart abnormalities that can usually be detected by a non-invasive electrocardiography screening. One out of every 350 children will test positive for an abnormality. The CAS Foundation, through its SafeBeat Initiative, brings testing to school districts, taking a “proactive” approach to screening children before needing to take a “reactive” approach, such as AED(s) and CPR, “BEFORE” a cardiac arrhythmia occurs; either through participation in sports programs or simply by experiencing a cardiac arrhythmia in the sedentary child. It can happen to any given child on any given day. A cardiac arrhythmia is an electrical trigger of the heart that, in over 80% of the cases, the first symptom is death.  
“After detected, it’s treatable! A heart screen is the easiest test your child can take and the passing grade just may be their life saved! It begins with education!” says Jayne Vining.
In December of 2010, Jayne lost a second child, her daughter Julie, to an opiate addiction. Jayne believes access to medical marijuana may have saved her daughter’s life, and in 2012, after serious consideration, expanded the mission of the CAS Foundation to include the Humanitarian Act for the Use of Medical Marijuana. 
This fall, the CAS Foundation was granted a provisional license to operate a Medical Marijuana Dispensary by the City of Somerville at 67 Broadway in East Somerville. The building will be fully renovated. The renovation will create a modern, first class medical facility environment, with a fit and finish of an apple store; without any disruption, or noticeable change, to the existing neighborhood; including high-tech security to alleviate any concerns the surrounding neighbors may have.
For Jayne, this is a personal journey. “Feeling deeply as though my own daughter could have benefited immensely from medical marijuana, possibly sparing her life, I know the benefits of medical marijuana can help so many“patients” suffering from many medical issues, including opiate addiction, without dismissing providing dignity to those facing end of life issues; offering an opportunity to spend quality time with family instead of going the opiate route for pain management which limits quality time with their families during their end days.” said Vining.
At a time in her life when Jayne should be creating life-long memories with her children, she now spends her time with them at their grave sites. She fully realizes, especiallyin this instance when it comes to the untimely death of her daughter, that had medical marijuana been passed into law in 2010 maybe, just maybe, she would be spending herupcoming holidays with her daughter creating family memories instead of visiting her grave on Christmas, six (6)years to the day, Jayne had to bury her.  
There is a quote that comes to mind when I think about the death of my precious children says Jayne Vining.
Jayne Vining is not looking to profit from sales in Somerville. Her sole purpose and passion is for others to realize that her dream of “saving lives” and “preventing grief” is her personal motivation. She has also committed to a comprehensive community benefits package for Somerville which includes; a community fee agreement, employment opportunities for the citizens of Somerville, civic initiatives and many other benefits to the City. She would like to make sure that no other parent in Somerville or elsewhere will ever have to face the loss that she has endured. 
The CAS Foundation was truly formed out of a love and honor for her children that are gone from this world forever and those still living with the grief of the unimaginable loss, and an undying passion to give back to others. No parent, or family member, should have to endure the pain of loss alone. The CAS Foundation aims to make families, patients, parents, etc. feel like they are not alone on whatever journey they may find themselves on!
Jayne believes the efforts of the CAS Foundation can help prevent others form having to endure the tragedies she, andall too many, have endured.
“As we face an unpredictable future, it’s nice to know that the residents of Somerville have overwhelmingly passed the Humanitarian Act for the Use of Medical Marijuana because they know, in their hearts, that this truly could benefit many people in many ways. I applaud those sentiments and look forward to helping those who truly need help facing life health issues with dignity.” Says Jayne Vining  


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