XQ: The Super School Bus Tour Hits Somerville to Celebrate Local Super School 



Community Event to Showcase Powderhouse Studios



6:00PM – 8:00 PM***


SOMERVILLE, MASS.– Monday, October 3, XQ: The Super School Project Bus Tour will make a stop in Somerville to celebrate Powderhouse Studios. This will be the fourth Super School the XQ bus will visit over the coming months. 


Powderhouse Studios was just awarded $10 million dollars as one of the winners of XQ: The Super School Project and was selected from nearly 700 proposals. This stop is part of the second leg of the XQ Bus Tour which kicked off in Washington, DC last Monday, September 12. The second leg of the tour seeks to continue to engage and excite local communities around rethinking American high schools and serve as an opportunity to share new high school models with communities across the country. The stop at Somerville will be a chance for the community to meet their local Super School winners and learn more about the solutions they’ve created for rethinking high schools that will prepare students for college, career, and life in the 21st century.


In addition to meeting the winning team, the event will feature a customized school bus, with an interactive experience that invites students, parents, teachers and community members to explore effective solutions to improve American high schools, and includes a recording booth for attendees to share their own ideas. 


The bus tour stop will also host a community art project for students and community members; opportunities to explore some of the learning that will take place at Powderhouse Studios; and a chance to explore where high school education has been, and the themes that have emerged from the XQ: Super School Project since launching in September 2015. 


The following activities will be open to the public and press on October 3, 2016 at Seven Hills Park, Meacham Road and Buena Vista Road, Somerville, MA 02144:


XQ Bus and Super School Event: Interactive school bus and community event with Super School Powderhouse Studios featuring activities for families, students, and School Builders from 6:00PM – 8:00PM on October 3.

Key visuals for cameras:


XQ School Builders: XQ School Builders will host us at the fourth of Super School community visits across the country.

XQ School Bus: A school bus refitted with an interactive wall, recording booth, and other custom design features.

Community Engagement: Community members will have the opportunity to explore the XQ Bus, take part in a virtual reality demonstration, and participate in a community art project.

XQ will make staff with expertise on XQ: The Super School Project as well as School Builders available for interviews between 6:00PM – 7:00PM on October 3.


XQ: The Super School Project launched in September 2015. The challenge was issued as an open call to America to meet the challenge of preparing our students for the future by dreaming, designing, and creating the next American high school. 


For additional information about XQ: The Super School Project contact John Joanino at jjoanino@wearerally.com or 310-735-7538.



About XQ: The Super School Project:

XQ: The Super School Project launched in September 2015 as an open call to rethink and design the next American high school. Thousands of School Builders, and tens of thousands of supporters from towns and cities across all 50 states have united to take on this important work. Teams of students, teachers, parents, community leaders and many more came together to conceptualize innovative models for 21st century learning.


Since its launch, XQ has proven to be more than a challenge to create innovative high schools. It is a growing movement to reimagine what is possible for public education in America, and a hub for community voices, cutting edge ideas, and expert resources to create new pathways to success for students. For more information, visit http://www.xqsuperschool.org, and follow us at @XQAmerica.


About XQ Institute:

XQ Institute is an organization dedicated to rethinking school in America in order to create new learning opportunities for young people and open up the possibilities of the wider world. The Institute’s board of directors is chaired by Laurene Powell Jobs, Chair of the Emerson Collective. The CEO and founder is Russlynn Ali, former Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education, and Managing Director of Education at the Emerson Collective. For more information, visit http://www.xqinstitute.org. 

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