Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Mark BRATHWAITE Jr (B&E Motor Vehicle, Resisting)


On Sunday, August 28, 2016, at 1:03 A.M., I was dispatched along with Officer Rivera to the area of 36 Jay Street for a breaking and entering to a motor vehicle. Officers Bork, Obrien, and Sergeant Marino responded as backup.


The reporting party, XXXXX stated to Somerville Police Dispatchers, that he observed a black male, wearing a black T-shirt, black shorts, and white gloves, checking door handles of cars parked on Howard Street. The reporting party then stated, the man walked towards Jay Street and continued to check door handles of cars parked on Jay Street, then entered an SUV parked outside 36 Jay Street.


I arrived on scene and located a 2007 GMC Envoy, bearing Massachusetts registration YYYYY parked directly outside 36 Jay Street. The vehicle’s interior light was on, and a black male wearing a black T-shirt was seated in the driver seat. As I approached the vehicle from the driver side, the man exited the vehicle and took off running down Jay Street.


I pursued the man on foot down Jay Street, he then turned left on Howard Street, right on Thorndike Street , right on the bike path and jumped a fence into the backyard of several houses on Howard Street, and hid in the front entrance of 4 Howard Street.


I approached the front steps of 4 Howard Street and gave several verbal commands, asking the man to come out with his hands up. I drew my department issued firearm and continued to give verbal commands asking him to show me his hands. The man stood up, I told him he was under arrest but he refused to comply. He continued to walk away from me, and questioned why I was running after him.

At this time the defendant started running West on Howard Street, and after a short foot pursuit I apprehended him along with Officer Obrien near the intersection of Tannery Brook Row and Elmwood Street. The defendant continued to resist, and refused to put his hands behind his back. I drew my department issued OC spray and delivered one short burst to the defendant’s face, then placed him in handcuffs.


The defendant fell after he jumped the fence and fell a second time shortly before he was apprehended, and as a result suffered minor injuries (cuts and abrasions to his knees). I identified the defendant as Mark Brathwaite, he was evaluated at the scene by Somerville Fire Department, and transported to Somerville Hospital via Cataldo ambulance.


Prior to placing the defendant in the ambulance, I removed a cellular phone, twenty eight dollars cash, and AAA card from his right pocket. The AAA card had the name “ZZZZZ” printed on the front. Sgt. Marino located the victim / owner of the GMC Envoy; and she was identified as ZZZZZ. Sgt. Marino also located a pair of white gloves approximately fifteen feet from the victim’s vehicle.


The defendant was treated at the Hospital and transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer McNally, and booked by Lieutenant Lavey. The defendant was charged with breaking and entering a motor vehicle in the night time and resisting arrest.


I went to Jay Street and spoke with the victim and the reporting party. The victim stated that two ($1 bills) and a roll of quarters were missing from her vehicle. I proceeded to 4 Howard Street, and located two ($1 bills) a ripped quarters wrapper and $6.50 in quarters hidden between two bags of mulch.


The gloves, cash, and AAA card were photographed and placed into evidence.



Respectfully submitted, 




Officer Samir Messaoudi #312

Somerville Police Dept.


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