By Shannon Hardy, The Somerville News Weekly

Twenty years ago—March 30th 1995, seventeen-year-old, Deanna Cremin was found behind a senior housing complex less than a block from her home in Somerville, MA. The autopsy revealed that Cremin had been strangled and sexually assaulted.


The following morning, Deanna’s body was found by two girls she babysat for. They were taking a shortcut on their way to school and found her body lying on its back, mostly undressed.


Her murder remains unsolved.


But in 2004, Mayor Joseph Curtatone pledged a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of her killer. Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, also pledged to pursue the investigation until the crime is solved.


Back in 1995, Somerville Police identified three persons of interest in the murder: Cremin’s teenage boyfriend, Tommy LeBlanc; a Somerville firefighter more than twice Cremin’s age, who was said to have been fixated on her; and a third adult male, later imprisoned at Massachusetts Correctional Institution – Cedar Junction.


However, no charges have been pressed.


According to Katherine Cremin, LeBlanc always walked her daughter home, “they would be out on the porch late. I use to to tell him Deanna had to come in since she had school in the morning.”


The night of the murder, Deanna Cremin called her mother to say she wouldn’t be home by her usual 10pm curfew because she was watching television at LeBlanc’s apartment. Katherine Cremin says she then fell asleep on the couch, woke at midnight, and assumed that her daughter was sleeping at LeBlanc’s home.
However, LeBlanc told authorities he only walked her halfway home the night of her death because he was waiting for a food delivery to his apartment.
In 2006, former district attorney Martha Coakley announced that improvements in forensic technology had led to new evidence in Cremin’s case.


Today, her mother searches for justice—she hopes improved technology along with new information holds the key to solving the case. According to the Somerville Police Department, the case is still open and a priority for the department.


Katherine Cremin is asking for anyone with information to come forward. “Somebody knows something; they have to. If you’re out there, and you know something, please give it up,” said Katherine.

Any info concerning this case please contact 617-293-2016. 

All calls will remain confidential 


  1. i am determined retired det./celebrity lt. joe kenda can solve this
    case… what forensic evidence do they have? how was she
    murdered? it was never released to the press….

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