Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Ghita BOBOCEA (Unarmed Robbery)

On 06/13/16, I Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit East Four. At approximately 18:50 hours I was dispatched to 7 Memorial Rd. where a caller reported that a male had stolen her daughter’s bicycle. Officer Moreira in West Five responded as well. Once on scene I spoke with the victim’s mother XXXXX, and YYYYY. XXXXX did not witness the incident; however YYYYY did witness the incident. YYYYY stated that her cousin (a juvenile known to the Commonwealth) was in the courtyard area behind 7 Memorial Rd. An older white male then exited the building and yelled at the juvenile victim. This male told the juvenile victim that the bike she was riding belonged to him. The juvenile victim sat there frozen and then began to step off of the bike. The male then took the bike away from the child. XXXXX was familiar with the party who stole the bicycle and informed me where he lived. The bicycle was described as turquoise with training wheels. 

        Officer Moreira and I made our way to the apartment. I knocked on the door and an occupant asked who was at their door. I informed them that members of the Somerville Police were outside the door. A man later identified as Ghita Bobocea, opened the door, gestured for us to enter his apartment and shut the door. Before I could explain why I wished to speak with him, Mr. Bobocea began to frantically report that people are trying to steal his bicycles. In Mr. Bobocea’s apartment I observed four bicycles. One of which was a turquoise child-size bicycle with training wheels. I then asked Mr. Bobocea to sit down so I could speak with him. As he sat on a sofa, I observed a knife secured in a sheath and sitting on an end table immediately to Mr. Bobocea’s right side. I took control of the knife for officer safety concerns. I asked Mr. Bobocea where he got all the bikes. He stated that he bought them at yard sales and could prove it. He stated that the bike in question was purchased in Marblehead. Mr. Bobocea explained that he had purchased the bicycle and stored it in the basement of his apartment building. Today he found a girl riding the bike and took it back. I asked Mr. Bobocea if he had a receipt for the bicycle. He did not produce one. Nor did he produce any proof of ownership.

        Officer Moreira then spoke with the victim’s family. The bicycle from Mr. Bobocea’s apartment was identified as the juvenile victim’s bicycle. XXXXX also informed Officer Moreira that the family had owned the bicycle for three years. I then placed Mr. Bobocea under arrest for unarmed robbery 265/19/C. I then was able to speak with the juvenile victim. She stated that Mr. Bobocea approached her and told her that the bike she was riding was his. She thought he was joking, and began to get off. As she started to get back on the bike, Mr. Bobocea pulled the bicycle away while she was still holding it.

        Respectfully submitted,


            Patrolman Christopher Collette, B#302


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