LGBTQ Pride Flag Annual Raising Somerville

Photos by Frank Santangelo

By William Tauro 

 This past Tuesday afternoon, Somerville High School students, elected officials, and Somerville residents raised the Pride flag on the City Hall Concourse.

The flag raising has become an annual event here in the city of Somerville at the concourse. 

One thought on “LGBTQ Pride Flag Annual Raising Somerville”

  1. Thank you for posting pictures! It’s always such a nice event and a great (early) kick-off to Pride Month.

    In 2013 (while serving as Alderman), I was told I was not allowed to use my phone to take pictures of this event despite others doing the same thing. Also, just a year later up until yesterday I see people using their phones to capture this special moment with no intervention. I really hope I wasn’t lied to by an SHS teacher. There are very few opportunities like this that the LGBTQ community has in Somerville.

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