Somerville Snow Emergency Ends


Snow emergency ends at 7 p.m.: Normal parking rules will go back into effect at 7. Vehicles parked in school and city lots MUST be moved within 2 hours of the end of the snow emergency. Cars not moved from these lots by 9 p.m. Monday may be subject to ticketing and towing. This is especially important tonight so that crews have time to clear school lots by tomorrow morning.
Somerville Public Schools plan to be open for a normal day Tuesday.


Property owners are reminded that they have 6 daylight hours after snow ends tomorrow to clear sidewalks of snow and ice or you may be ticketed. 
Parking permit enforcement will resume at 9 p.m. Tuesday, so please make sure your parking permit is visible.


For more information on post-snow policies, please visit For more information or to submit a non-emergency service request, please dial 311 or 617-666-3311 from cellphones or outside Somerville.

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