Somerville Police Department Above & Beyond the Call of Duty Award 

On Tuesday, November 24, 2015, at 0434 hours, SPD 911 Call Taker, Janeen Mobilia, serviced a 911 call regarding a serious MVA (roll over) on Webster Ave. The reporting person, Charan Singh, was trapped in his vehicle after it rolled over due to a collision with another vehicle in traffic. 
For more than fifteen minutes, Clerk Mobilia kept Mr. Singh on the line, kept him calm, provided useful advice, ascertained the level of injury and demonstrated an outstanding level of professionalism. 
Mr. Singh was very hysterical and crying and complained of pain and not being able to move his body as he lay upside down in his vehicle. Call Taker Mobilia stayed on the line with Mr. Singh even as Somerville Fire Personnel used the jaws of life to extricate him. Call Taker Mobilia demonstrated human compassion and kept Mr. Singh calm in a situation where injuries may have been very serious.
Call Taker Mobilia’s performance during this call is deserving of recognition for being meritorious, professional and compassionate.

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