Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Larceny at Assembly Row


On 11/20/15 at approximately 5:20 PM, I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, while assigned to Assembly Row Unit Alpha-2, was dispatched to the Brooks Brothers store for a report of a female shoplifter. 


I arrived on scene along with Officer Diaz, East-1, and we spoke to XXXXX, the store manager. He stated he observed a black female dressed in all black, wearing a tan trench coat, and carrying a large shopping bag conceal a men’s jacket in her shopping bag and exit the store without purchasing anything. He said he followed her to Carter’s while he called the police. He said she made eye contact with him and quickly exited Carter’s removing her jacket as she walked toward Great River Rd. We searched the area and located the female, later identified as Temperance Brown, in Ernesto’s Pizza attempting to go into the kitchen area. Brown was stopped and escorted back to Brooks Brothers. 


I reviewed the store security video from Brooks Brothers, which showed Brown concealing a men’s jacket (valued at $499.50) in a large reusable TJ Maxx bag. I asked Brown what she did with her bag and she stated she gave it to her friend. At this time I observed that Brown had a pair of pink infant slippers in her pocketbook that still had the Carter’s price tag on them (valued at $24.00). I asked Brown if she had purchased the slippers and she said “no”.


At this time, I informed Brown that she was under arrest for Larceny Over $250 MGL c266 s 30A. Brown was then transported to the Somerville Police Station via the mobile detention unit and entered through the booking process according to department policy by Lt. Rymill.


I then went to Carter’s to return the slippers. As I was speaking to one of the employees, I observed a large TJ Maxx shopping bag under one of the display racks. I looked through the bag and found a Brooks Brothers jacket and several other pieces of brand new merchandise from Clarks and Chico’s still with the price tags on them.


I went back to Brooks Brothers and XXXXX confirmed that the jacket was the same jacket Brown had stolen. He also confirmed that the bag was the same bag Brown used to conceal the jacket.


I returned 3 women’s jackets to Chico’s (valued at $248.90) and 4 pairs of women’s shoes to Clarks (valued at $209.96). Both stores confirmed that none of the items had been purchased from the store.


I am also charging Brown with Receiving Stolen Property Over $250 MGL c266 s60A.


Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Mark Pulli #311


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