Mayor Joseph Curtatone on:Black Activist Punched at Trump Rally


The legal term for when a group of people surrounds someone and then proceeds to punch, kick and choke that person is assault and battery.

Some people really should have been/should be arrested. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like what the person is saying, you can’t lay your hands on them.

Whether Trump pays any political price for trying to justify mob violence on a black man in the city that gave us Bull Connor, remains to be seen. Short-term, probably not. Yet people getting beaten at political rallies is bad, dangerous stuff. Hopefully we don’t see any more of it.

Trump on rally protester: ‘Maybe he should have been roughed up’
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One thought on “Mayor Joseph Curtatone on:Black Activist Punched at Trump Rally”

  1. This article is based on the FALSE premise that this was a peaceful protestor. He was not. He is a 300 pound man who repeatedly used his weight, throwing himself down on the floor as professional security staff attempted to escort him out. He screamed as if he were being beaten. The video footage appears as though he was held down and punched. He was not. He threw himself down to thwart the efforts of security. He was not there to protest. He was there to provoke a false narrative. He was there to create a false image. And unfortunately most media outlets were more than happy to oblige him in this false pretense. He had a record with local police for doing this very same thing at other events.

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