A Neighborhood Conversation on the Neighborhood Plan


Sunday, November 22nd 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Location: CrossFit, 35 Prospect St
If you haven’t heard, the City of Somerville recently released a draft copy of the Union Square and Boynton Yards Neighborhood Plan. The entire plan is 160 pages and includes a variety of recommendations regarding the construction of new buildings, streetscape improvements, parks, and zoning-related changes in and around Union Square and Boynton Yards. While not a binding legal document, the Neighborhood Plan will set out a vision for our neighborhood for the next 30 years and will influence the quantity and quality of new housing units, jobs, parks, and transit infrastructure. 
As local residents and business owners, it’s important to understand what is in the Plan and voice any concerns regarding the recommendations. Several members of Union Square Neighbors have been reviewing the Neighborhood Plan in some detail and will offer some thoughts on what they have learned and how we might press city planners for changes in the plan. Come learn and share your ideas.
Sponsored by Union Square Neighbors


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