Somerville Arts Council Nibble Entrpreneurship Program


Union Square’s New Kitchen Incubator!

Just outside Somerville’s Union Square, Union Kitchen is Somerville’s new – and only! – culinary incubator. This new space will be home to the Somerville Arts Council’s Nibble Entrepreneurship program, which empowers members of our local immigrant communities to explore culinary careers and create rich intercultural programming via cooking classes and pop-up restaurants. The new Union Kitchen is also home to entrepreneurs Chicken and Rice Guys, Samira’s Homemade, and Compliments Catering. In spring of 2016, we’ll be working with Union Kitchen to create outdoor seating for warm-weather pop-ups.
Brazilian Street Food Pop-up/Brickbottom & Joy St. Open Studios

Say olá to winter with a taste of Brazil! Join the Somerville Art Council for an inaugural pop-up lunch at Union Kitchen featuring Brazilian street food cooked by Nibble Culinary Entrepreneur Robson Lemos. Come taste Bolinho de Bacalau, a delicious Brazilian fish cake found all over Brazil, especially in Rio, that draws its influence from Portugal. We’ll also be serving up Empadinha de Frango (Chicken Pies), and Kibe (pronounced Kee-Bee), a popular Middle eastern snack that reflects Brazil’s large Lebanese population. These three tasty snacks will be served up alongside a traditional salad made with kale and black eyed peas. This streetfood trifecta & salad are all available for a mere $7! Enjoy this exotic lunch opportunity before or after visiting the 28th annual Brick Bottom and Joy Street Open Studios (12-6pm, 11/21 & 11/22), where over 60 local artists will open their studios to the public. More info: and
Mexican Pozole Cooking Class with Estela Calzada

Mexico native Estela Calzada offers students a hands-on experience cooking Pozole, a soup that is so hearty it’s meal on its own! Dating back to the Aztecs, Pozole features corn (large hominy kernels), pork, chile ancho, chile guajillo, garlic, onion, and topped off with a fresh salad dressed and lime to suit your taste. These days, Pozole is eaten all over Mexico, especially on September 26th, the day of Mexican Independence. Our Pozole will be paired with an exotic Ponche, a warm tropical fruit punch with guava and tamarind; perfect for the cold weather. After we’ve made our Pozole and Ponche, we’ll sit down and feast together and Estela will regale us with exciting stories about the cultural and culinary traditions of Mexico. Tickets are $40 for the 3-hour class and full meal!
For more info & to buy cooking class tickets: City of Somerville, Joseph A. Curtatone, Mayor


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