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At approximately 10:33 pm, I, along with Officer Devin Schneider, were heading eastbound on Medford street when we were cut off by a black Mercedes, MA registration 955mf7, coming from Tennyson street turning onto Medford street. Both Medford Street and Tennyson Street are public ways in the city of Somerville. It was at this time, that officer Schneider, the vehicle operator, came to an abrupt stop in order to prevent a collision between the two vehicles. I would note that Tennyson Street comes to a stop sign where it intersects with Medford Street, Medford Street has the right of way.


I then witnessed the vehicle attempt to traverse the wrong way onto the one-way portion of Tennyson, until the driver redirected the vehicle back onto Medford Street. I witnessed the black Mercedes pull over to the right and park in front of 410 Medford Street while blocking a driveway. Officer Schneider activated the blue lights and pulled behind the vehicle. 


Officer Schneider walked up to the driver’s side door of the black Mercedes as I walked up to the passenger’s side door. As I walked up to the passenger’s side door, I noticed the driver, later identified as Mr. Giron, step out of the vehicle, this is when I instructed Mr. Giron to get back into the vehicle, as he did. Officer Schneider then made contact with Mr. Giron and demanded his driver’s license and vehicle registration as I observed through the passenger window. Mr. Giron handed Officer Schneider the vehicle registration but was unable to produce a license. Officer Schneider asked Mr. Giron for his license approximately three times, each time Mr. Giron responded by saying ”I live over there”. Officer Schneider asked Mr. Giron to exit the vehicle and performed the standardized field sobriety test.


Officer Schneider informed me of his opinion that Mr. Giron was under the influence of alcohol and this is when I placed Mr. Giron under arrest for OUI liquor. I placed Mr. Giron in handcuffs (double locked). While waiting to transport Mr. Giron, I was conversing with him in English and he stated to me that he had drunk five beers. I also noticed an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath. With the approval of Sgt. Deoliveira, Mr. Giron was placed in the back of our cruiser and transported to the police station where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Richard Lavey.             


Respectfully submitted,


Officer James Torres

Badge# 329

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