Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Shoplifting at Target 

During the above date and approximate time Officer Perrone was flagged down by XXXXX in the Fallas/Target parking lot. XXXXX told Officer Perrone that he observed the suspect take items in Fallas and conceal then in a knapsack. He further observed the suspect leave the store without paying for the items and go right toward Medford street and the Hacienda Restaurant. Officer Perrone gave out a description of the suspect, black male, red jacket ,knapsack and his direction after he left the store. I was in uniformed patrol in car East two and headed in that direction to look for the suspect. Officer Brioso was on a detail and observed the suspect at Medford and Ward street where he stopped him. Officer Perrone approached suspect and read him his Miranda Rights. Suspect admitted to stealing clothes from Fallas. I arrived on the scene and asked Mr. Jackson for his ID which he did not have ,he also told me that he had stolen clothes. The jacket he had on, the knapsack and clothes in the knapsack were confirmed by the Manager of Fallas as being their stolen merchandise as was the jacket he was wearing. The clothes and jacket still had the tags on them. On scene suspect told me his name was Cornelius Jackson and that he was from Boston. I arrested Mr. Jackson for shoplifting Ch.266 Sc.30A.


Respectfully Submitted

Officer Anthony M. Manzelli B189



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