Due to an uptick in vandalism to both personal and public property effecting 81 through 89 Broadway I conducted surveillance between the hours of 0000 hours and 0200 hours on 10/24/2015. This damage/vandalism involved the deliberate spilling of an oily concoction or potion in the early morning hours between Friday night and Saturday morning over a nine week period. On this date, 10/24 at 0150 hours I observed a 1999 Toyota Sienna, color green, Ma. reg. 978MT8, pull to a restricted parking space adjacent to the East Somerville Satellite station located at 81 Broadway. Unbeknownst to the operator, Natalia Delrio, I was secreted inside of this station with the window blinds drawn. I observed the front passenger, Yolanda Motiel, exit this vehicle. I watched as she walked, palming a bottle containing a yellowish liquid in her right hand. As she walked along the businesses Yolanda began spilling an oily substance on the sidewalk adjacent to these structures. I exited the station and intercepted Ms. Motiel upon her return trip and ordered her to sit down. Upon adhering my commands I observed her surreptitiously drop the aforementioned bottle to the sidewalk attempting to hide it from my view. I subsequently ordered Ms. Delrio to shut off the Toyota and raise her hands while I called for backup patrol units. I then observed a third male party, XXXXX, seated behind Ms. Delrio, and insured his hands were in view also.


Recognizing the operator, Ms. Delrio, as the perpetrator who had spilled oil on this same route (through my viewing of past videos) over the fore stated nine week period, I ordered patrol units to place handcuffs on her as a joint venturer on this particular event. Ms. Montiel was also placed in handcuffs and I also recognized her as a joint venturer from my viewing of the same video evidence regarding the aforementioned nine week period. Both females were advised of their rights under the Miranda decision, and, both exercised their rights to remain silent. 


Det. Sgt. J. Macarelli


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