Alternating odd- and even-side parking takes effect for winter 2015, with switch to even-side parking beginning during 2016-17 season. Major outreach campaign kicks off in 2016.

SOMERVILLE – Don’t move your cars just yet, but even-side homeowners, your pleas have been heard. In the interest of fairness, beginning this winter (2015-2016), Somerville will institute an annually alternating parking policy for snow emergencies, using even-side-only parking for winter seasons that begin in an even year, and odd-side-only parking for winter seasons that begin in an odd year.


The new policy does officially take effect for winter 2015-2016, BUT because winter begins in an odd year this year (December 2015) the first winter season with even-side parking will not begin until December 2016. The City will undertake an intensive outreach plan leading up to the change in 2016.


“After careful review, and with significant community feedback, we have determined that the best and most logical next step in our ongoing efforts to provide excellent snow removal operations in Somerville is to alleviate some of the traditional hardships for residents living on the even side of the street where snow and ice buildup from plowing operations,” said Mayor Curtatone. “This will of course require a large-scale outreach campaign before we have our first even-side year next winter, but we want residents to know the change is coming, at long last.”


The City’s existing snow removal policy dictates that residents may park on the odd side of the street only during snow emergencies (unless otherwise posted), as plows push snow to the curb on the even side of the street.


“As with any new program we undertake in Somerville, this alternating-side parking policy will be analyzed and reviewed to be sure it is effective both in terms of quality of life for all of our residents, and in terms of City policies and procedures, though we expect that this change will be a welcome change that strikes a necessary balance for residents on both odd and even sides,” Mayor Curtatone said.


For more information on the City’s snow removal and snow emergency policies, visit


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