Here’s this Week’s Somervillen Voice Topic of The Week” Choice and You Decide!” (MV Violations & Resisting Arrest)


All this drama could’ve been avoided only if this person would have just complied with the police office’s requests. The police officer apparently did everything by the book and quite politely doing so as well. But unfortunately the suspect decided to take His own road instead of the high road and created his own chapter in stupidity. 

What’s your take on it?:

On September 04, 2015 at approximately 1213 I was in full uniform and assigned to the Somerville Police Traffic Bureau. I had just finished up traffic duties in front of the Prospect Hill Academy and observed Officer Michael McGrath doing traffic enforcement near 25 Webster Avenue, which is a public way within the City of Somerville. I walked over and advised Officer McGrath that I would assist with the enforcement and walked back to the area of the Bicycle lane. I observed a 2000 Volkswagen Golf color blue, Ma. 1SC867, traveling up Webster Ave with a safety rejection sticker, which appeared to have been issued in 2014, displayed on the front windshield. I signaled the operator to the side of the road and requested his license and registration. The operator, later identified as the defendant in this matter, stated “why am i being stopped, what did I do wrong ?”. I explained the reason for the stop and the defendant stated he was on his way to the auto body shop. I repeated my request for the documents and the defendant got visibly upset stating “did you hear me ?”. I acknowledged that I heard him and stated I needed his documents. The defendant handed me a Massachusetts Vehicle Title and was searching around for a license. I asked if he had a registration and he stated “that’s good enough”, referring to the title. I then asked him to shut the engine off and hand me the keys. The defendant then handed me a Texas Drivers License. I again stated to shut the engine off and hand me the keys but the defendant started shouting “why ? What did I do?”. The defendant shut the car off but initially refused to hand me the keys and upon yet another request the defendant slapped down the keys extremely hard into my hand.

        I notified dispatch and requested the registration and defendant be queried. I looked over toward Officer McGrath’s cruiser and he recognized my immediate concern and came out of his cruiser and signaled me to the rear of the defendant’s car. I spoke with Officer McGrath and expressed my concerns when dispatch came over the radio and advised me that the defendant’s license status was Suspended and the vehicle in question was Revoked for Insurance. I advised Officer McGrath that I would be taking the defendant into custody and he followed me to the driver’s door. I asked the defendant to step from the vehicle and he stated “why ?”. I told him, because i requested he do so. The defendant locked the door and I reached to unlock it and he stated “all right, all right”. The defendant opened the door and I told him to face away, at which point the defendant became very combative when he observed the handcuffs. Both myself and Officer McGrath were having an extremely tough time getting him cuffed as he fought us off and made getting his hands together near impossible. I finally got one cuff on and I heard Officer McGrath shout in pain from what we later learned was a shoulder injury. Officers Messaoudi and Lorenti were nearby on a detail, observed the defendant fighting the arrest, and quickly ran to the scene. It took the four of us another 5 minutes or so to handcuff and subdue the defendant. We walked him to the curb, away from passing traffic, and attempted to have him sit on the curb. The defendant refused to sit and was still tensing his arms and struggling. We seated the defendant on the sidewalk and for about a minute he seemed to calm when all of a sudden he leapt forward shouting “I’m not a f***ing animal”. Officer Messaoudi quickly grabbed a hold of the defendant along with myself and Officer Lorenti. Officer McGrath was walking off the pain and shouted “gas him”. I grabbed my department issue pepper spray and gave a single burst to the defendant. The defendant continued to fight and had to be pinned to the pavement.

        Shortly thereafter the Mobile Detention unit arrived and the defendant continued his aggressive and hostile manner. The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Station for booking by Lt. Mulcahy. Citations # R6650397 and R6650397 were issued to the defendant at the Somerville Police Station. The vehicle was towed by Pats Tow, License plates seized for turn in to the Registry, and the defendants Texas License and Title later returned to him.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ofc Robert W Hickey

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