Sean COILEY Arrest

On 06/29/15 around 12:07 a.m., while operating marked unit West 5, I was dispatched to the area of Linden Circle for a reported B&E of a motor vehicle in progress. Two identified callers reported seeing a male inside their car while parked in their driveway.

The suspect was described as a white male, wearing a red long sleeve shirt, dark color pants, sandals, and a backward white cap with a bicycle. Minutes later, Somerville Dispatch got an update from one of the reporting parties that the suspect was being observed breaking into a second motor vehicle parked in a driveway. Officer Souza operating marked unit West 6, and Officer Berrouet assigned to marked unit West 7 were sent as my backups. As we approached the area, Somerville Dispatch reported that the suspect was now on his bicycle going up the hill toward Summer Street.

While responding to the area, Officer Berrouet observed a male, matching the exact description, traveling west bound on Summer Street and Ashland Street, two blocks away from the crime scene. He was stopped, identified as Mr. Sean Coiley and detained for questioning. Officer Berrouet asked him where he was coming from, and he replied “I’m coming from Somerville Ave” The suspect was asked if he had stopped anywhere else and he replied “no, I did not stop anywhere”. He was asked where he was going and he replied ” I’m going to Davis Square to get some food”. I made contact with both witnesses who also happened to be the victims. They stated that while sleeping in their bedroom, they heard some strange noise in their driveway. They looked through one of the bedroom windows that face their driveway and saw a bicycle on the ground and a male inside their car. They immediately notified the police without interrupting the suspect. As they were on the phone with Somerville Police Dispatch, they observed the suspect leaving their car and going across to 9 Linden Circle’s driveway where he successfully gained access into another car. The inside of the second vehicle was in complete disarray. The glove box was left open and papers all over the passenger seat and on the floor. Despite several attempts, I was unable to get a hold of the registered owner or any resident at that address.

Officer Sousa and I conducted a show up with both witnesses. They were thoroughly advised and taken into separate cruisers to the location where the suspect was being detained. Officer Berrouet and street supervisor Sgt Ward were a short distance away from the suspect on the sidewalk on Summer Street while their cruisers were out of sight half way down Ashland Street away from show up location. Both witnesses positively identified Mr. Coiley as the person whom they observed breaking into those cars. In a pouch attached to the handle bar of his bicycle, 5 pairs of sunglasses (1 black Ray Ban, 1 Tahari, 1 Oakley, 1 Tortoise Shell, 1 no brand gold frame brown lenses), an LG phone, 2 flash lights, a pocket knife and a small lady purse with coins were recovered – all are items that a typical person would store in their car. Mr. Coiley had no explanation as to why he was carrying a small lady purse and 5 sunglasses at night, 3 of which were women’s. Mr. Coiley was subsequently placed under arrest for two counts of B&E of a motor vehicle. He was transported along with his bicycle to the Somerville Police Station via the wagon.

Respectfully submitted,

Det. Guerdy Legros #280
Somerville Police Dept.

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