Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Truck Theft Foiled By DPW Managers



The following is a brief summary of the facts that pertain to incident # 15028439.

On the above time and date, I along with Marked unit East 3 (Ofc Guillen) were dispatched to the area of 508 Somerville Ave, for the report of a male that just had stolen a truck and that the male smashed right trough a locked gate with the stolen truck. The two witnesses that observed the incident where Steven Maceachern, who is Somerville’s DPW Superintendent of Highway, along with Thomas Barry, who is Somerville’s DPW Highway foreman. Mr Maceachern and Mr. Barry then followed the truck throughout several side streets off of Somerville Ave, which are public ways in the city of Somerville, while they kept updating Somerville Dispatch their location. Somerville dispatch who kept updating the call with different locations, advised us that the truck was now stopped at a red light @ Webster and Washington Street.

At that point, I along with East 3 (Ofc Guillen) then located the truck which had a smashed windshield at the red light @ Webster and Washington Street, as Mr. Barry And Mr Maceachern were in their DPW truck behind it. The Truck Mass (2005 Ford Drwsup) is registered to a. I along with Ofc Guillen then escorted the male, who was later identified as Everett Goss out of the truck, where I then placed him in handcuffs. I then asked the male for his id, and the male stated that he was CIA and for me to read him his rights. I then spoke to registered owner of the vehicle who advised me that the male who had stolen his truck also crashed into the driverside of his other truck (2004 GMC Sierra) that was in the driveway as he smashed through the front gate.

I then placed Mr. Goss under arrest for the above referenced charges, As he was then transported to headquarters By Ofc Pavao, to be processed by Lt. Rymill. Everett Goss was also issued A Mass uniform Citation (R5808439) as his Mass Drivers License was revoked. Pictures were taken of the damage to the front gate and truck,and will be available upon request.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Jason Costa #301

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