Somerville High School Officially Breaks World Record

SOMERVILLE, MA – Fifty-nine (59) students at Somerville High School wanted to create a legacy by breaking a world record before the end of the school year.
On Friday, June 19th, the Guinness World Records Management Team confirmed that they had succeeded in doing so, issuing the following notice via email:
“We are thrilled to inform you that ‘Students of Somerville High School (MA)’
are now the Guinness World Records Title Holder for Most Arm-Linked People
To Stand Up Simultaneously.”

The student-organized “World Record Day” event held at Somerville High School on June 2nd involved 59 students attempting to surpass the prior record number of 49 people to stand up simultaneously while their arms were linked, set by the Glory Global Solutions Management Team in Japan. The rules required all participants to sit on the ground with their arms-linked to each other, and attempt to stand-up as a circle. If any part of the body touched the ground, or if the link broke before everyone stood up, the attempt restarted. Afterwards, photo and video evidence were submitted to the Guinness Headquarters in England for review.

“I still cannot believe that we did it!” said Flavia Martins, class president. “What’s more satisfying is that every student who participated was counted—it’s an exciting achievement for our school.”

The official certificate will arrive at the school this summer and will be unveiled in the fall. Visit to see the official posting of Somerville High Schools’ Guinness World Record achievement.

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