GOOD MORNING – TODAY IS SUNDAY, June 7, the 158th day of 2015 with 206 to follow. Sunrise in the Boston area is @ 5:07 and sunset is @ 8:18. The moon is waxing. The morning stars are stars are Neptune & Uranus. The evening stars are Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn & Venus.

ON THIS DAY IN: 1494 – Spain and Portugal signed the Treaty of Tordesillas, agreeing to divide the New World between them.

1498 – Christopher Columbus left on his third voyage of exploration.

1769 – Frontiersman Daniel Boone began his explorations and sighted Kentucky.

1775 – The United Colonies changed their name to the United States.

1776 – Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed to the Continental Congress a resolution calling for a Declaration of Independence.

1893 – Mohandas K. Gandhi, a young Indian lawyer working in South Africa, refused to comply with racial segregation rules on a South African train, his first act of civil disobedience.

1914 – The first vessel passed through the Panama Canal.

1929 – The sovereign state of Vatican City came into existence.

1939 – King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, arrived at Niagara Falls, New York, fromCanada, the first visit to the United States by a reigning British monarch.

1955 – “The $64,000 Question,” a summer replacement show, premiered.

1965 – The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down a Connecticut law banning contraception.

1975 – Sony Corporation unveiled the Betamax videocassette recorder (VCR).

1991 – Mount Pinatubo explodes, making it the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century.

2002 – Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel was convicted in Norwalk, Connecticut, of beating Greenwich neighbor Martha Moxley to death when both were 15 years old in 1975. He was later sentenced to 20 years to life in prison.

2006 – The British Houses of Parliament are temporarily closed due to an anthrax scare.

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