Public Announcement on Braves’ Plans


Dear Friends,

As some of you know our Club, the Boston Braves F.C., is a World Leader in senior soccer affairs. As such it has established strong relationships with the top Clubs in the world like Manchester United, Real Madrid, F.C. Barcelona F.C. Bayern Munich, Chelsea F.C, A.C. Milan, etc.

Until now the Boston Braves F.C.’s Program has been carried out primarily overseas in all major soccer countries. However we are in the great position to announce that our program now is shifting. In addition to overseas activities the Braves organization will have the honor and also pleasure to host the veterans of some of the top teams in the World here in New England.

This is not an easy project to execute particularly because these well-known teams have very busy schedules, they are in demand and their sponsors come into play as well. But because our team has a proven record of trust and strong personal relationships with the Leadership of these Clubs, we have managed to get permission and we will be the first ever organization that will be allowed to receive and play with their Veteran Teams here in America and specifically in
the North Shore of Boston area.

I am very pleased to report that for this year we have reached major Agreements with two of these Clubs and they will be sending their Veteran teams to Boston to participate in activities the Braves are organizing and to play two games each against the Boston Braves F.C.

In the first event the World renown Club of F.C. Barcelona will send its veteran players to America to join the Braves into a series of social and athletic events including two Games. The first game will take place at the Lynnfield High School’s new Stadium on Thursday June 11th at 6 pm. The second game will
be played at the Manning Field, Lynn on Saturday June 13th at 4 pm.

Then the German Champion Club, F.C. Bayern, will do the same and will send their veteran team to Boston from Oct 28th-November 1st to be hosted and play two games against the Boston Braves. F.C. Bayern, consistently provides the skeleton for Germany’s National Team and it is because of them that their country won last year’s World Cup in Brazil.
Their roster includes some of their World’s best: .

These two events are very rare chances for the people in New England to see firsthand some of the World’s best on that sport. It is also a lifetime opportunity, particularly for the younger soccer players to come close to and admire some of the former star of the world’s most popular sport.

It will be a lot of fun.


Spiros Tourkakis
Boston Braves F.C.



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