Somerville Police Share Burglary Prevention Tips for the Summer Months



Burglaries traditionally increase across the region during the summer months; residents stay out later, go on vacation, or leave their windows open during the day. Below are a few tips to prevent your home from being burglarized:

Secure Your Windows

1. Windows are more popular targets in the summer, as the plastic comes off & windows are left open for ventilation.

A. Never count on a screen, plastic tabs or even a regular lock to deter a determined offender. Lock windows AND use wooden dowels, horizontal bars or through the frame nails to prevent the window from being fully opened.

B. An air conditioning unit is the same as leaving a window open; reinforce these windows with dowels, or place them in windows that can’t be accessed from the ground or a porch.

2. Do not leave lawn furniture or other objects out that could be used to reach a window.

3. If you are not home for a short period in the evening, consider leaving a light or electronic device on to make your home look occupied.

Track Your Property

1. Portable electronics are the most targeted item in burglaries. Keep a hard copy list of important serial numbers. Photograph unique items (such as jewelry) to aid in identification & recovery.

2. Register your electronics through the City’s WRAP program ( or acquire tracking software for your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

3. Consider giving your property unique markings (such as an engraving).

3. Photograph unique items (such as jewelry) to aid in identification & recovery.

Be Vigilant

1. If you leave for an extended period, ask your neighbors or a friend to watch your house; have them deliver mail or leave their car in the driveway.

2. If you see a suspicious person or group entering a backyard or driveway, or a person or vehicle “casing” an area, do not hesitate to call the police.

3. Call the police IMMEDIATELY if your house has been burglarized; the burglar may still be in the area.

Long Term Solutions

1. Consider installing an alarm or external cameras.

2. Make the sides of your house more visible from the street; trim overgrown bushes/hedges & remove other obstacles.

One thought on “Somerville Police Share Burglary Prevention Tips for the Summer Months”

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