Friends of Deanna Cremin:Update on Deanna’s Murder

FOD in a FB post to supporters: Tonight 5/5 at 7pm the Somerville Police Chief and Middlesex District Attorney’s office will (as requested by the BOA) provide the Public Health and Public Safety Committee with an update on the unsolved murder of Deanna Cremin.
Family and friends of Deanna would love to have you in attendance with us for this update. While we don’t expect that any privileged information that could jeopardize the investigation to be shared, the importance of community support continues to be what drives the pursuit of justice ever so powerfully. If you can make it great…if not we carry you with us in spirit. We will not give up this fight for justice.…/Detail_Meeting.aspx…

Friends of Deanna Cremin
Somerville, MA

One thought on “Friends of Deanna Cremin:Update on Deanna’s Murder”

  1. Keep the updates coming. As a person who has lived in for the Somerville for the past 5 years, I am very interested in bringing this girl’s murderer to justice. I do not know the family but can imagine the anger of the person (albeit a good bet of the former boyfriend) responsible. We shall see. God bless you, Cremin family.

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