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Spring Events:

Puppet Showplace Theatre presents: Puppet Playtime- “BUGS!”
Tuesday, June 16 at 6:00pm
Capuano Field (a.k.a. Glen Park) in Somerville, Massachusetts

Puppet Playtime is an interactive performance experience
for very young children (and their grown-ups!) Join two
friendly performers and their furry pal Bella Monster for
stories and songs all about bugs and life in the garden.
This performance includes familiar favorites such as “The
Itsy-Bitsy Spider” and The Hungry Caterpillar” as well
as original songs such as “I’ve Got a Leg Up on You!”
Recommended for ages 2 – 5.

Rain date 6/17
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Earthworm Pie Puppet Theater
Tuesday, June 9 at 6:00pm
Chuckie Harris Park in Somerville, Massachusetts

Earthworm Pie will present 3 folk tales with environmental themes from around the world. These may include: An Abenaki Story from Maine “Gluscap and the Game Bag,” which shares a sympathetic but cautionary tale about using up too many of the Earth’s resources so that future generations will have none, “Gekko, gekko, gekko,” is an ecological Indonesian story about how everything is connected, and “Platypus, Pick a side!” is an Australian story about how all living things need each other and none is better than another. (Other stories with similar themes may
be exchanged instead of one of these depending on the size and type of audience.) This kind of puppetry asks audience members to done simple masks, hats and props to become the puppets and perform the action and music of the story while the narrator narrates.
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Rain date Thursday 6/11
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Galapagos Puppets presents: “Badger Meets the Fairies”
Tuesday, May 26 at 6:00pm
Capuano Field (a.k.a. Glen Park) in Somerville, Massachusetts

Mr. Badger is thrilled to fly to the fairies’ garden to help build a playground. And then it’s complicated — the fairies won’t use cement for their playground, and Mr. Badger wants to learn to fly. Margaret Moody presents a gentle story based on
European fairy lore featuring multi-cultural fairies. Best for ages 4 and up, all welcome. Rain date 5/27

After the performance children and parents are invited to make their own stick puppet fairies using paper, fabric, twigs, and a little bit of their own imagination.
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To view details about the full series visit:

Magpie Puppets present: “Eeyore’s Birthday”
Monday, June 1 at 6:00pmConnexion in Somerville, Massachusetts

Based on A.A. Milne’s beloved Winnie-the-Pooh story, this show features Chris Robin, a little girl with a big imagination whose stuffed toys come to life; Pooh Bear, a friendly, philosophical she-bear with a poor memory and a big appetite; Piglet, a squeaky creature who wants to be part of everything; and Eeyore the grumpy donkey, who feels neglected on his birthday. The children help the absentminded Pooh by recalling their own birthdays
and suggesting gifts for Eeyore. They also warm Eeyore’s heart by singing “Happy Birthday.”
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Faye Dupras presents The Red Ball Rescue
Wednesday, May 20 at 6:00pmConnexion in Somerville, Massachusetts

Red alert! A family trip to the beach goes awry when a young boy’s favorite Red Ball is whisked away by the tides. Can he summon the courage to get it back? Join Jasper, a timid kid with a big imagination, as he sets out on an
adventure across the ocean, under the waves, and up into the clouds. Along the way, he meets fantastical fortunetellers, thieving fishermen, and many mysterious creatures of the deep. Will he ever reclaim his favorite Red Ball from the clutches of the sea? Find out in this visually stunning production featuring multiple styles of puppetry, an original score, and lots of sea-faring fun!
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About the Series

As the summer event season approaches, the Somerville Arts Council is launching yet another city wide event
series that will take place throughout Somerville. Events such as PorchFEST, Dancing in the Streets, and Puppet
Palooza allows the community to participate, interact, and engage in non-traditional ways while cultivating the
idea of Somerville as a cultural arts incubator without walls.

Puppet Palooza is a collaboration between the Somerville Arts Council and East Somerville Main Streets as
part of the This is East programming–an event series designed to bring the art of puppetry to east Somerville
in unexpected places. Join us in East Somerville for a three-part puppetry extravaganza. This May & June, we’ll
hit the streets, courtyards and parks, showcasing local, national, and international performing companies. Great
for kids and adults and 100% free.

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