Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Drug Arrest at Assembly Square


Francey arrest

On April 2nd, 2015 I was on patrol in Somerville Marked Unit East #1. At approximately 12:20pm, Somerville 911 Dispatched Somerville Units Alpha #1 and Alpha #2 to the parking lot of Starbucks located at 700 Grand Union Blvd, Somerville for a report of a white male wearing a T-shirt and black jacket checking motor vehicle’s.

When this call was dispatched, I was pulling into the Starbucks parking lot. While I was conducting a search of the parking lot, Somerville Dispatch informed the area units “the individual in question had entered a black Toyota Camry Massachusetts Registration # and was driving away.” Somerville Dispatch informed us the vehicle had been reported stolen earlier that morning.
As I circled the lot, I observed the white male fitting the description given by Somerville Dispatch driving the black Toyota Camry Massachusetts Registration # . When I pulled my cruiser around, the operator later to be identified as, Mr. Keith Francey “waved me to pass by him” but “I waved him to go and he continuously attempted to wave me to go past him.” When I refused to pass Mr. Francey, he backed up his vehicle and pulled into a parking spot. I then pulled my cruiser over and approached on foot. As I approached Mr. Francey, he had his visor mirror down and it appeared he was attempting to look for me. When I got up to the drivers door, I observed him attempting to hide something in a cigarette pack and place it into his jacket pocket. I opened the drivers door, led Mr. Francey to the ground and placed him in handcuffs. When my back up Unit, Captain Michael Cabral arrived on scene, we had Mr. Francey stand up. When I asked Mr. Francey if he had any weapons on his person, he replied, “a knife.” I retrieved a black/red folding knife from his front right pants pocket (equipped with a window punch/seatbelt cutter). I also retrieved the Cigarette box he placed in his right side jacket pocket. Inside the cigarette box were several tablets wrapped in the plastic wrap from the cigarette packaging. A further inspection of these tablets was conducted and based on my training and experience, I believed 23 of these tablets to be Clonazepam tablets, a Class “C” Controlled Substance and 2 round blue tablets Marked “V and 48 12” to be 30mg Oxycodone Hydrochloride tablets, a Class “B” Controlled Substance. Inside the vehicle, I retrieved a bent Valet key in the ignition and a Marijuana Cigarette in the center console (tagged for destruction).

Mr. Francey was placed under arrest for receiving an stolen motor vehicle, possession of Clonazepam a Class “C” Controlled Substance, Possession of Oxycodone a Class “B” Controlled Substance, possession of a dangerous weapon (City Ordinance), and unlicensed operation. I conducted a Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle Check on Mr. Keith Francey and Mr. Francey was issued a Massachusetts ID only, #S14705664. Massachusetts Registration # was towed by, Pats Auto.

According to the owner of the Vehicle/Victim, xxx, she kept her Valet key inside her vehicle. All evidence recovered was tagged, placed into evidence and photographed by East 4, Officer Monaco.

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