Real Life Somerville Police Stories:OUI Arrest



The following is a summary of facts related to incident #15011363:

On the above date and time, I, Officer Shaun Clark #321, was assigned to marked unit West 7. At approximately 1:16 am I was dispatched to 136 Powderhouse Blvd, along with Officer Radochia (west 6) and Officer Moreira (west 5) for a report of a female, later identified as Viktoriya Blindman, sitting behind the steering wheel of her running parked car nodding off.

On scene, I approached the drivers side window and found Ms. Blindman sleeping in the drivers seat of the running motor vehicle. I knocked on the window to wake her up and asked her if she was ok. Ms. Blindman rolled down the window and stated that she was fine but that she was exhausted. Based on my training and observation I noticed Ms Blindman had glassy bloodshot red eyes and I detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath. I asked Ms. Blindman if she had been drinking and she said that she had a few glasses of wine earlier in the evening. I asked her if she lived nearby and she stated that she lived in Canton. I asked her where she was coming from and Ms. Blindman refused to tell me. Ms. Blindman repeatedly stated that she was fine. I asked Ms Blindman to step out of her vehicle which she did without incident. Ms. Blindman again stated that she was fine. Ms. Blindman said “go ahead test me”. At that point I asked Ms. Blindman if she could step onto the sidewalk to perform some field sobriety tests but she refused.

After several attempts to have Ms. Blindman perform field sobriety tests and her subsequent refusal, my observation of Ms. Blindmans glassy bloodshot red eyes and the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath, Ms. Blindman being unsteady on her feet, as well as the fact that I found Ms. Blindman sleeping in the drivers seat of her running parked motor vehicle I decided to place Ms. Blindman under arrest for Operating Under the Influence (OUI). I asked Ms. Blindman to turn around and place her hands behind her back and she refused. I grabbed her arm and attempted to place it behind her back in order to handcuff her but she pulled away. At that point Officer Radochia and I forcefully put Ms. Blindmans arms behind her back and Officer Moreira handcuffed her. Once in handcuffs Ms. Blindman dropped to the seated position and refused to get up. Ms. Blindman continued to be very uncooperative. At this point our street supervisor, Sgt. Ward arrived on scene. We grabbed her arms and picked her up off of the street and attempted to place her in the transport vehicle (unit 200) but Ms. Blindman continued to be uncooperative. She jammed her right leg in between the bumper of unit 200 and the step on the back of the vehicle. I grabbed her leg and pulled it loose and she kicked Officer Moreira in the leg. It should be noted that Ms. Blindman was wearing high heel black boots, that will be submitted as evidence. We gained control of Ms. Blindman and again tried to place her in unit 200 but once again Ms. Blindman attempted to jam her leg between the bumper and the step at the back of unit 200. This time I grabbed both of her legs, Officers Radochia and Moreira grabbed her arms and Sgt. Ward climbed into the back of unit 200 and together we placed her onto the floor of unit 200. At this point Ms. Blindman spit at and hit Officer Radochia. Based on these events Ms. Blindman will also be charged with A&B on Police Officer and Shod Foot ( victim is Officer Moreira).

Ms. Blindman was transported to the station in unit 200 by Officer Lorenti where she was booked by the Commanding Officer, Sgt. Kennelly. It should be noted that during the booking process Ms. Blindman continued to be uncooperative. Ms. Blindman was offered a Breath Test and she refused. I again offered Ms. Blindman the opportunity to perform Field Sobriety in the booking room. She would only perform the Walk and Turn test during which several of her steps were off the line.

Ms. Blindmans car was towed to Pats Tow. During an inventory search of Ms. Blindmans car prior to towing we found four 187 ml bottles of Sutter Home: Pink Moscato Rose Wine in a plastic bag on the front passengers seat. The empty wine bottles as well as Ms. Blindmans black high heel boots will be logged as evidence.

I also issued Ms. Blindman citation # R5799207 for Ch. 90 s. 24J OUI Liquor.

The entire incident was viewed by witnesses as well as the reporting party who can be made available upon request.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Shaun Clark #321

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