Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shoplifting at Adidas Assembly Row



On March 12, 2015 at approximately 2:45pm while assigned as the A1 unit I, responded to Adidas along with Officer Beda in the Sector East patrol car for a report of a shoplifter in the store.
Upon my arrival I was met by Nicolina Gugino an employee of the store. She told me that the woman who was at the register had left with merchandise from the store and then returned with it shortly after and was trying to return the items for a gift card.
Nicolina Gugino said that the woman prior to departing the store had entered the dressing room area with several items and that upon exiting the dressing room she only had one item and that when the dressing room was checked there were no items in it.

I then spoke with the female suspect and advised her that I was there because a store employee had reported that she had taken the items without paying and that she was now trying to get a gift card for those items in exchange for them. I then asked the female suspect if she had an ID at which time she handed me her Mass. Id which identified her as Laura Myles with a DOB of 05/13/68 which I handed to Officer Beda so that he could confirm her identification through dispatch.

While Officer Beda was checking with dispatch I went to view the security footage of Laura Myles with Nicolina Gugino. The video footage shows Laura Myles enter the dressing room with three pairs of pants and what appears to be two sports bras at 2:20pm and depart the dressing room at 2:27pm with only one pair of pants. The video shows the items as the same as those that Laura Myles was trying to return.

Further video footage shows Laura Myles leave the store at 2:36pm and then return at 2:40pm. Upon returning to the store Laura Myles heads to the register with the items and tries to return them. Nicolina Gugino realizing that these were the items that were that the suspect had removed from the store notified Somerville Police Dispatch to report the crime.

While I was viewing the footage dispatch notified Officer Beda and me that Laura Myles had outstanding warrants at which time I left the security office and Officer Beda requested the prisoner transport unit 200 to our location. He also requested that Officer Catatao in East 4 be dispatched to our location so that she could search the female suspect.

I advised Laura Myles that she was being placed under arrest for the warrants and shoplifting. She was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Officer Gardner in Unit 200 where she was booked by Lt. Mulcahy and processed in the usual manner.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Salvatore Fusco, 292

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