City of Somerville :Snow update: Side streets, we’re coming for you!

Since our last storm, crews have been working with the Fire Department to first clear main roads and then side streets and corners based on safety priorities like narrow streets and blocked sight lines.
In preparation of schools reopening earlier last week, more recent work focused on clearing roads, crosswalks, and corners that are school approaches to offer students safe routes and to create parking for persons no longer allowed to use the school lots during the day.

Now crews will be going back to narrow side streets as well as connector streets that link main and cross-town streets. Based on Fire Department recommendations, crews will also be clearing snow on some of the streets that adjoin those connectors.

Crews are working across the City to remove more snow from the neighborhoods. Unfortunately, snow removal takes longer than plowing. We will keep up snow removal operations for as long as needed and continue to lift snow parking restrictions on streets only when the Fire Department feels it is safe to do so. Please remember that even if the parking restrictions have been lifted on the street, safety still needs to prevail. If parking in a spot would make the street too narrow for an emergency vehicle to get by (think 12 feet of clearance), please don’t park there. You can see the updated list of opened streets here:

Thank you again to the many residents who have done their part by shoveling their sidewalks, cars, and continuing to obey snow emergency parking rules where they are in place. We really appreciate your patience and cooperation.

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