Somerville News Weekly Magic Moments Series

Turn your favorite photos into “Somerville News Weekly Magic Moments!”

Lew and Norma Bacon:We are excited and proud to welcome our second grandson Owen T. Degel to our world and family. Matt and Keelley we love you!

Jim Henry:My grandson Xavier Rodgers just loves a good hockey game!

Skip Murray: Sons Mike (on the left), and Pete, having a beer and a laugh in the Latin Quarter, Paris. Notice the movement of the arms and of the hands. These are identical twins, after all.

Jimmy Del Ponte: Cosmo and his cousins…Louie and Chanel…. with my three kids about five years ago.

Denise Lefebvre Ribeiro with Stephanie Micale: We love you Mama! ♡♡♡♡

Diane Smith with Michele Bergeron D’Angelo:You know what? I had a great weekend – I’m focusing on that and the fabulous family friends and music to get me through this crappy Monday!

Turn your favorite photos into “Somerville News Weekly Magic Moments!”

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