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School Buses Taking Advantage of Parking Ordinance on Joy Street in Somerville



Two weeks ago we attended a licensing hearing at city hall where three different businesses went before the board to petition for used car licenses.

The board denied all three that night because one of them had no parking lot and the other two, the city feared that they would interfere with the neighborhoods and conduct their businesses on the streets.

So with that said, why is this bus company’s license not pulled yet for running their business on our city streets everyday for over five years violating every parking law there is including clogging up city streets?

You be the judge?

School buses still continue to clog up and block fire hydrants on Joy Street in Somerville by parking all their buses on the street during their daily downtime while waiting for their next pickups.

This has been an ongoing problem for years on this street that neighbors have complained about with no results. Most of the time the parking of these buses on both sides limits the road down to one lane.

What will it take to get this safety issued resolved before an accident happens and what’s being done about it? Why can’t this bus company comply and keep their business on their own property?

Please help keep our city safe and not park in front of fire hydrants or clog up city streets so fire apparatus won’t have a problem traveling down streets safely to save someone’s life.

So with that being said we found it more than fit to name this bus company on Joy Street as this week’s choice of “Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week!”
Respectfully submitted by the people, for the people, because we are the people!

Does this topic deserve to be the “Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week”, we don’t know who does so you decide!

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