Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Unlicensed Driver


Italo Barbosa Arrest

On Sunday, February 22, 2015, I, Officer Paul Beckford, was on duty for the Somerville Police Department in marked cruiser east 1 (E1).
At approximately 3:02 AM, Housing Police Officer George DAmelio, and I observed a Massachusetts Registration 724WP4 crash into an electric pole located on Shore Dr at Puritan Rd. Officer DAmelio and I immediately went over to make sure that the driver and possible passenger or passengers were not seriously injured. Upon arrival, I met with a Mr. Italo Barbosa. Mr. Barbosa stated that he was driving and lost control of his motor vehicle due to the weather conditions. I asked, Mr. Barbosa if he had any injuries, and also if there was anyone else inside his motor vehicle. Mr. Barbosa informed me that he was the only person inside the motor vehicle. I asked for Mr. Barbosa license and registration. Mr. Barbosa handed over the registration, but could not produce a license. Mr. Barbosa stated that he doesn’t have a license. I then told Mr. Barbosa that I was placing him under arrest for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle ch. 90 sec. 10.

Mr. Barbosa motor vehicle was no longer drivable, so I had dispatch send me over a tow truck to remove the motor vehicle.

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